Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

If we didn’t expect something bad to happen, we wouldn’t prep. What you prepare for and how you prepare are critical to your success.

Whether or not we know it, we are all sitting here waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Some wait with trepidation, fear and anxiety, certain that something terrible lies in their future. Others look forward to the coming collapse, thinking that it is the only way we will ever get to have a do-over.

Some work to hasten the collapse, the downfall of our country. They are actually people out there that believe that our population is too high and that we need a great die off to save “Mother Earth.” Strange that none of these people seem will to step up and commit suicide to save the planet. They would rather sacrifice you and your family in the name of good.

Some refuse to think about it, either through youth and nativity or possibly denial. Perhaps some are so self-absorbed and live in such a small inward-looking world that they have no idea what the real world is a dangerous place and that life is a terminal disease that no one escapes.

Personally, I like to prepare for something terrible and then live like I don’t care. Maybe the other shoe will drop tomorrow or next year, but by preparing, I feel ready for whatever the future may bring. No fear, no anxiety, and no worries.

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Inflation Strikes Again and Energy Prices Spike due to Polar Vortex

Our market disruptions continue, resulting in more supply-and demand imbalances and rising inflation. Cold temps exacerbate the problem and send natural gas prices soaring

We wrote recently about COVID-19 causing shortages, which in turn cause prices to rise, giving us inflation.  About a year after COVID-19 hit these shores, it is still interfering with the supply side of the supply-and-demand equation.

As this story reports, container ships are piling up at sea off Los Angeles and Long beach due to logistics issues on shore, many of which are caused by the coronavirus, including more than 800 members of the Longshore and Warehouse Union who have tested positive.  The slow unloading has repercussions down the line because it ties up ships. Ships at anchor waiting to unload are not delivering goods to the next port or available for another sailing.  As a result, imports slow and store shelves don’t get replenished. 

To put this in perspective, if all the boats could be unloaded, it would represent 190,000 truckloads of goods. 

In addition to finished goods, many of the containers have parts destined for U.S. manufacturers.  The global connectivity of means U.S. manufacturing is slowing down thanks to things happening off our shores.

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The COVID Collapse is Coming – Prepare Now

COVID-19 is doing lasting damage to our country and our economy. In this post, we explore the lasting effects and what you can do to prepare yourself.

Throughout history, big events have big consequences.  Paradigms shift, and so too does the direction of society.  The epidemic that is COVID-19 and the global reaction to it will likewise result in a massive disruption to life as we know it.

I expect the big three changes are going to be:

  • Economic collapse
  • Migration
  • A shift in the global powers, possibly caused by war or other strife

Let’s take a look at these one at a time and explore what you as a prepper can do to prepare and protect yourself.

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August 18: California Blackouts One Sign of a Slow Slide

California is sliding slowly towards socialism and an inevitable collapse, thanks largely to self-imposed problems.

When we look at failed states, one of the many things we see is an inability to provide basic services and utilities to their populace.  I bring this up because California has been and is expected to continue to experience rolling blackouts as electrical consumption exceeds demand.  These blackouts generally last for two hours and are not related to fire danger, which is what resulted in lengthy mass-blackouts last year.

So does this mean California is a failed state?  Not yet, but it is certainly a sign that it is getting there. 

Anyone who takes a serious look at California can see that it is imploding, but what many miss is that the damage to its economy and way of life largely self-inflicted.

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