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Storage foods, livestock and gardening

Prepare to Live in a Hybrid World – Part Two

Steps to take to prepare for the slow slide as our country sinks into third world of blackouts, food shortages, and a collapsing currency.
modern conveniences

Prepare to Live in a Hybrid World – Part One

We need to prep not just for world-ending disasters but for frequent interruptions to what have been reliable aspects of our daily life.
A protest in Europe

Europe will be our Harbinger of Doom

Monitor what's going on overseas to look for warning signs. Europe is likely to slide into a collapse before the U.S.
rusty gears

Life as we know it Grinds to a Halt

The supply chain is a vast interconnected system. When one component fails, everything can grind to a halt.
off a cliff

The Economy is Careening out of Control

The problem this country face is that the people who are supposed to be in charge of the economy don’t know what they are doing..
An island in a darken sea.

How to Become the Island of Stability in a Sea of...

Us against them, emotional thinking, and the inability of many to live and let live is contributing to the decay of society. Here's how to survive.
industrial manufacturing

Is the Next Shoe to Fall a Chinese Collapse?

As the lockdown in China continues and may spread to Beijing, we have to consider the repercussions for U.S. retailers and manufacturers.
collapsed buildings

Have we Reached the Point of No Return?

Is an economic collapse in our immediate future? War? Starvation? Annihilation? Can we stop it or have we reached the point of no return?
A man surrounded by destroyed buildings.

Important Objectives for Preppers

We break survival objectives down into five steps to get us through the event, the aftermath and to the recovery.
bombed out buildings and a destroyed armor vehicle from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This Could be the Beginning of the End

The unforeseen consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine could be catastrophic. This is what we have been preparing for, we just didn't know it.