How Peace, Love, and Flower Children Ruined the Country

This country is sliding down the drain and the race on to see if we experience an economic or social collapse first. I blame the hippies.

Somewhere along the way, this country got screwed up. I’m pretty sure it started when the flower children, the hippies of the 1960s, got old enough to be in charge.

The Presidents leading up to and including the first President George Bush had lived through the Great Depression and fought and won a World War. They were not soft. They had the fortitude to do what was right, not what was easy. This approach has since been abandoned by politicians and far too many people.

The Baby Boomers, the children of the Greatest Generation, were the first generation of Americans to be spoiled. That coddling is why they have screwed things up for the past 30 years. They didn’t learn from the Great Depression. They didn’t volunteer to fight for their country (they had to be drafted to fight in Vietnam.) Many of them stopped going to church and rebelled against the Christian-Judeo values of their parents. They became the flower children of the 1960s and went off to form communes and celebrate free love.

That’s when the country got soft. That’s when the rule of law started to bend and weaken, and with it, the country itself.

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It is Difficult to Watch it all Implode

I never thought I’d say this, but I feel sorry for Joe Biden. He is failing in front of our eyes, and dragging the country down with him.

As the whole Afghanistan withdrawal disaster unfolds, it is becoming clearer and clearer that he is not only in over his head, but that his advisors are in over their heads as well. I think we all knew that Joe was past his prime and little more than a figurehead, but now we know he is a figurehead for a bunch of nincompoops (I’m being polite here—substitute a harsher word if you wish). We, and the rest of the world, are having the privilege of seeing on live TV a presidential administration collapse as Biden and his staff fail their trial by fire.

Hey Biden advisors: Your participation trophies are no good here. We need a winning strategy and you guys are proving to be losers. Learning on the job is not acceptable. You have not only offended and alienated more of the country than voted for you, plus every veteran who fought or died over there, but you’ve offended our closest allies. Worse yet, you have given our enemies a glimpse of how bad things are in the White House. You can’t even yell “Ignore the man behind the curtain!” because there is no man behind the curtain. There is just an empty chair.

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As one Country Collapses, Will we Learn a Lesson?

Will the United States and our politicians learn from the errors made by other countries, or will they allow mismanagement and corruption drag us down?

I’ve written a great deal about the possibility of an economic or societal collapse in the United States’ not-so-distant future, often using Venezuela as an example. Although most of the mainstream media is not covering it, we are witnessing the collapse of another country, mostly because of financial problems. As detailed in this article, that country is Lebanon. Here are a few data points from the article:

  • Lebanon does not have GDP growth. Instead, its GDP shrank 40 percent from 2018 to 2020.
  • Not coincidentally, the jobless rate is also 40 percent.
  • They have moved from inflation to hyperinflation
  • Because of hyperinflation, their currency (the lira) has deteriorated until minimum wage that previous was worth $450 a month is now worth the equivalent of $35.
  • Bank runs led to bank closures which prevent many people from accessing their savings.
  • Despite being in the oil-rich Middle East, they are rationing gasoline.
  • An estimated 1,200 doctors have left the country and drugs are running out.
  • Power outages that last “most of the day” plague the citizens.
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In Search of Meat for my Survival Stores

I don’t want to live on grains an greens alone. I am a omnivore unless given the opportunity to be a carnivore. But that’s difficult to accommodate when prepping.

I priced rabbits today at Rural King and they were about $42 each.  Yikes!  After buying chicks for just a few dollars each, I was shocked at the higher cost.  Of course, rabbit pens would be cheaper and easier to construct than the chicken coop and run.  I think three does and a buck should generate enough bunnies to butcher eat at least one per week.  I figure my start-up costs would maybe $300 plus food. 

I’m not ready to take that step yet.  I want to get the chickens laying and butcher and eat a few birds first.  They are my proof of concept, so to speak.  Can we breed and raise enough chickens to help feed us during a collapse or food crisis?  Will my chickens survive the weather and the predators long enough to lay eggs?  Will they become broody enough to hatch their own eggs and raise their own chicks?  Can we feed them if there is no commercial feed available? 

Maybe I will consider rabbits next year.  In the meantime, a dog is probably ahead of them on the list. (Don’t worry, the dog is not for eating. If I want to eat dog meat, I’ll just kill a coyote.)

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Is Wells Fargo Canceling Credit Lines a Sign of an Economic Collapse?

The last time personal lines of credit were terminated was in 2008, during the Great Recession. Is this a sign of bad things to come?

Maybe you missed the headlines, but Wells Fargo has canceled all their personal lines of credit. If you don’t have a personal line of credit, you may think, “so what?” But here’s the question you have to answer: Is this a sign of the coming economic collapse or just business as usual?

What Happened

Before we answer that question, let’s look at the mechanics of a personal line of credit, which used to be known as a signature credit line.

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How to Survive in a Failed State

There are signs that the U.S. is heading towards and economic collapse which could result in the U.S. becoming a failed state. Are you prepper for that?

Over the past two days I’ve written about how to handle the beginning stages of an economic collapse. Some of the early signs are shortages of goods and a degradation in services, such as police, fire and EMS.

Other signs of an impending or ongoing economic collapse include too much debt, depreciation of currency including inflation or hyperinflation, a stock market collapse, defaulting on sovereign debt, sharply higher unemployment and poverty, an increase in corruption, and growing political repression leading to an autocracy or even a dictatorship.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide if we’re there, on our way there, or nowhere close. I believe we are heading there, but have not yet reached the precipice.

When there is an economic collapse, three things can happen: The country call pull itself out of the collapse, like the U.S. did after the Great depression; the collapse can linger in some ugly nether region where things are bad but people adapt to it, somewhat like life in Cuba; or the collapse can cause a failed state, meaning the collapse of its currency and its government.

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How to Handle the loss of Police, Fire and EMS Service in an Economic Collapse

Shortages are bad, but we can stockpile goods and resort to barter. what will you do if the thin blue line disappears and there is no police, fire, EMS or sanitation?

This is part two of our how to handle an economic collapse series. Don’t miss yesterday’s part on how to handle shortages and outages caused by an economic collapse.

I wrote yesterday about how to handle shortages of food, gasoline and other goods. Today, we’ll look at how to handle slowdowns or a lack of services such as police, fire, EMS, and trash hauling and disposal, other potential signs of an economic collapse.

A deterioration of service locally, in a specific city or municipality, might be because of financial mismanagement, a lack of tax income, or other financial problems in that specific state or city. Under-funded pension systems that suck up municipal income, a loss of the tax base because of individuals d business have left the area, or corruption and mismanagement could all contribute to this on a local level. If we see cops and firefighter refusing to go to work because they haven’t been paid in multiple jurisdictions across the country, then this is one sign of a bigger problem.

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How to Handle Shortages and Outages in an Economic Collapse

When things start to disappear from the shelves, when it becomes hard to find your medication or the gas pumps run dry, this advice could help.

Shortages are one of the early signs of an impending financial collapse. If they grow from a shortage to an outright outage, then you know you are in the throes of a collapse. When you see purchasing limits, you know shortages are here, but when rationing starts (where the government allows you to buy only a certain amount per week or month), you will know we are in the proverbial “deep doodoo.”

Let me give you an example:

When there was a gasoline shortage, we had to go to multiple gas stations to find gas or might have to buy a different octane rating than they wanted. If there was no gas to be found, people would ask the station when they were expecting a truck. If they expected the truck within an hour or two, drivers would wait for it. In an outage, not only will there be no gas, there will be no hope of gas anytime soon. Before that happens, someone in authority will be give you an app with a QR code that allows you to buy 30 gallons of gas per month (or some other, artificial limit).

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How to Prepare for the Destruction of our Economy and the Collapse of our Society

How do you prepare for the coming collapse of our society? What do we need besides food, water and shelter?

If we are truly on a downward spiral, witnessing the death of a democratic republic, the destruction of our economy, the erosion of our constitutional rights and the eventual collapse of our country, how should we prepare?

Let’s work backwards by taking a close look at what could kill you and working backwards to prevent it.

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Get Prepared Now for Infrastructure Failures Leading to Collapse

It’s not just our food supply that is vulnerable to disruption. Our critical infrastructure is vulnerable and could isolate cities.

The pipeline hack and resulting gas shortages in the Southeast last week should serve as an important reminder of how vulnerable our infrastructure is to disruption. We also saw recently that traffic was stopped up on the Mississippi River because of damage on the I-40 bridge in Tennessee. Not long before that, a ship stuck in the Suez Canal halted a portion of global trade. The lesson is that it doesn’t take much to upset the carefully balanced apple cart of modern society.

There are a few other natural or manmade disasters that can interrupt the flow of goods and threaten us with a breakdown.

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