Energy Prices up 49 to 60 Percent in a Year

Imagine if your grocery bill, your insurance bill, your electric bill, and all your other bills were up as much as gasoline and diesel fuel.

As part of our Prepper Shopping Basket Inflation Report, I usually report on how inflation has affected gas, oil and propane. Because of the length of the last inflation report article, I left it out and will address it today.

Overall, energy has seen significant price increases in the past year. Let’s look at specifics:

Gasoline and Diesel Fuel

Gasoline is up 60 percent from a year ago, rising $1.28 to an average price per gallon of $3.39. On the West Coast, where prices are higher, the average is $4.10.

Diesel fuel rose hand-in-hand with gasoline, up 56 percent, or $1.36, to $3.78 per gallon. In California, Diesel costs $4.65.

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Prepper News Update October 29

Blame it on Green Energy

This detailed and on-target article describes how countries that committed to green energy at the expense of coal and nuclear as sources of fuel are no facing energy shortages this winter, meaning a lack of fuel to heat homes and commercial spaces. According to the author, Germany “risks suffering from the coldest and darkest winter this year” after shutting down the bulk of its nuclear power plants, even though nuclear power does not produce greenhouse gasses.

We’ve been blaming the energy shortage on the push for green energy for months, and its becoming a more common theme. Expect to read about it in the mainstream media more often as we predict it will become is a trending topic as temperatures drop.

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Cutting Our Legs Out From Under Us – Part Three

In Part One of this series, we discussed how food, energy, and money at the three legs of the tripod the supports human life on Earth. In Part Two, we took a closer look at food. Today we delve into the energy crisis.

Yesterday, we discussed how a natural gas shortage in Europe is causing a shortage of fertilizer, which is in turn will harm the food supply in 2022. Fertilizer production is not only the intersection of the coming food crisis and energy crisis, but it demonstrate how problems in one area contribute to problems in others, thanks to the highly integrated and inter-related system we rely, known as the supply chain.

If harming fertilizer production was the only downstream effect of higher energy costs on the food supply, we could probably weather it with little notice, but fertilizer is just the start. A shortage of or higher costs for gasoline and diesel will also cause problems with planting and harvesting grains, transporting crops and animals, moving raw goods to processors and manufacturers, and distributing finished goods. Higher costs to heat greenhouses will either drive up food costs or cause growers to avoid planting in colder weather. That is bad news for the average citizen.

But the dangers of an energy crisis go well beyond its impact on food shortages. Fossil fuels and the electricity they generate enable our entire society and the Internet that links us. Without modern energy sources, we are catapulted back 100-plus years or more to using kerosene lamps, burning wood to heat our homes, and riding horses to get across town. Without energy and electronics, most of our society would crumble in a few short weeks. At least 90 percent of the population would die within the first year.

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Prepper News Update, October 21

Afghanistan Sinks Further Into Misery without U.S.

Whether you blame Joe Biden for pulling out or the Taliban for its cruel practices and inability to rule effectively doesn’t really matter. What is inarguable is that in the absence of the U.S. and the primacy of the Taliban, Afghanistan and its people are sinking back into misery, poverty, and degradation. A humanitarian crisis is brewing in Afghanistan and it doesn’t look like anyone is going to do anything about it.

According to the United Nations Whole Food Program, 95 percent of Afghanis are not getting enough to eat. The disruption caused by the Taliban could see most of the population sink below the poverty line next year. Many families are already resorting to selling their children to pay off debts or to put food on the table for other family members. Hospitals lack drugs and some have not paid many nurses and doctors for months.

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Prepper News Update, October 14

Power Bills Predicted to Jump up to 54 Percent this Winter

The first major snowstorm hit the Rocky Mountains north into Montana, leaving from a foot up to 28 inches of snow, closing highways and delaying travelers.  The cold weather is bad news for people’s heating bill.  The Associated Press reports that the government expects heating bills to be up to 54 percent higher this year than last.  The 54 percent increases is expected to hit people who heat with propane, followed by heating oil (a 43 percent increase) and natural gas (30 percent).  Those who rely on electricity will see the smallest increase, below 10 percent.

CPI Shows 5.4 Percent Inflation

Let’s keep in mind that these numbers are artificially low compared to the way CPI was calculated 40 years ago.  So inflation is probably closer to 7 to 10 percent higher. Either way, it’s going to get worse. For a myriad of problems.  This article gives the annual increase in a rage of items so you can see why inflation feels higher than 5.4 percent.

Power Outages; They’re Not just for the Third World Anymore

Power outages used to be something other countries had, or they were caused by a storm. This winter, we may be facing heat and power outages due bad policy decisions.

There’s a good chance that electricity in Afghanistan will be shut off soon because the country owes its suppliers tens of millions of dollars and the Taliban has not paid the bill. (To no one’s surprise, administering a government is not the Taliban’s strong suit.)

In Lebanon, power went out around noon Saturday and the country-wide blackout is expected to last several days. The problem? No fuel. This is just the latest in a series of power outages caused by fuel shortage and local currency problems. They predicted it will be one of the longest the country has experienced. The fuel shortage is so bad that even individuals and businesses lucky enough to have a generator can’t find duel.

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Hold on Folks, Energy Prices are Going to Soar

Natural gas shortages in the UK and Europe and coal shortages in China are not local events. They are going to drive up energy prices in the U.S.

I hope you live in a state where the amount your utility companies can charge you is controlled by a state commission because it could delay the inevitable rising price you will pay for gas and electricity.

If you have a long commute by car or a job that keeps you on the road, it’s time to get another job, a more efficient car, or become a remote worker. The cost of oil is heading upwards, and you are going to feel that at the gas pump pretty soon. We are entering one of those periods where every week the price is higher than the last time.

We are in the early stages of those rare moments when you can see inflation happening right in front of your eyes. It’s going to very visible for gasoline, energy, and food, but everything will be more expensive in six months than it is today.

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Prepper News Update September 28

It’s a Global Energy Crisis Flashback

Just like we’re experiencing inflation at rates last seen in the 1970s, it appears that the world is experiencing a global energy crisis as well.  This Reuters column reports that natural gas futures are up 140 percent in the U.S., more than 500 percent in Europe and 600 percent in parts of Asia.  If only president Biden hadn’t tried to shut down the oil and gas industry here in the U.S. we’d probably have more jobs and lower prices for coal, natural gas, oil, and all their derivative products.

Container Ship Backlog Sets New Record

If you thought the number of container ships waiting to off load in California was bad, wait until yo see the number of ships in China waiting to be loaded.  According to, more than 150 ships were waiting to load as of last Friday.  That points to multiple points of failure in the supply chain.

The Supply Chain is Buckling Globally

Rabobank, courtesy of ZeroHedge, has done a better job than I in connecting the dots and confirming that the supply chain is collapsing, our leaders are going bonkers, and the result will be no fun for anyone.