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green beans on the vine

We’ve got Beans Coming out of our Ears

Our garden is producing well, maybe even over-producing. Anyone have a good recipe that uses green beans and zucchini?
The peas (left) and beans are blooming.

It’s Better to get Shocked than Stung

This is the peak of production on the homestead. In a survival situation, this is when we would be packing on pounds to get us through the winter.
Brown eggs

11 Hens A-Laying

We have gone from harvesting 12 or 13 eggs per day in the Spring of 2022 to 7 in the summer of 2023, but that's an improvement over last month.
A man transplanting a plant in the garden

Make this the Year You Garden

With the way the world looks today, there has never been a better time to plant a garden. If the SHTF, you will value every calorie you produce.
Potatoes fresh from the ground

It’s Harvest Time at the Homestead

It's peak harvest time on the homestead, but our raised beds would never be enough to sustain us during an emergency.
A box of bees

Trees, Bees, and the Great Outdoors

The harvest continues and the work doesn't end. After a rainy weekend, we get outside to harvest honey, vegetables and do chores.
Our cabbage are beginning to grow heads.

Inflation Hits the Homestead, Plus Survival Gardening

Have you ever checked the caloric content of vegetables? Many of them offer just a coupe hundred calories per pound. Give yourself survival options.
A raised bed showing cabbage and potatoes

Homestead Life is Tiring but Fulfilling

In our second year on the homestead, the progress we have made from last year is evident. We have not realized its full potential, but we are underway.
Potatoes in a garden

It’s Time to Raise Some of your Own Food

Raising some of your own food can help you add valuable calories to your diet and and save money, but you need to start now.
A raised garden bed growing herbs and leafy greens. Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash.

How to Survive the Coming Food Crisis

As the war in Ukraine lingers, the odds of a food crisis are growing. Are you prepared to feed your family when there is no food in the store?