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A few bees venture out in the November sun.

Getting the Beehives Ready for Winter

Here are the details on how we insulate and wrap our hives to give our bees an added chance to survive the winter, plus a farm inflation report.
Tiny waterfall

Fall Activities on the Homestead

With a hard freeze expected this coming week, we have to wrap up our pre-winter preps on the homestead, but it isn't all work and no play.
Chicken on skewers being cooked over coals

Bird Flu Explodes Across California

he Bird Flu has reached California and is spreading south as wild bird migrate southward. Millions of poultry have been euthanized.
chicksn on their roost

Will Raising Chickens Make you Self-Sufficient?

Will chickens make you self-sufficient? No, but chickens are a step towards reducing your dependency on big food.
Chickens pecking at some scratch in their chicken run.

Raising Chickens in Just 10 Minutes per Day

How-to information for newbies plus tips and techniques to make raising chickens and getting fresh eggs quick and easy.
Wild blackberries blooming

Homesteading Activities Kick into High Gear

As our last frost date is behind us and temperatures rise, we "spring" into full speed, as do our bees and the plants in our garden beds.
Chickens enjoying the spring grass, clover, and weeds.

Are you Prepping in Small Steps or Big?

Whether you prep slowly, a little at a time, or in big batches doesn't matter as much as being prepared when the SHTF. Here's what I did this week.
A basic chicken processing setup

Butchering Chickens is Not as Easy as it Looks

My first experienced butchering a chicken turned out to be more of a challenge than I expected. But it was a valuable experience.
Chickens pecking at some scratch in their chicken run.

Why You Need to Raise Chickens

Chickens can provide a daily supply of healthy eggs at a price that is hard to beat. Plus, you won't be affected by an egg shortage.
A raised garden bed growing herbs and leafy greens. Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash.

How to Survive the Coming Food Crisis

As the war in Ukraine lingers, the odds of a food crisis are growing. Are you prepared to feed your family when there is no food in the store?