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Our finished chicken coop

Building a Predator-Proof Henhouse

Losing chickens is a part of homestead life, but you don't have to make it easy on the predators. Take steps to keep your egg-supply safe.
Eggs stored in our refrigerator waiting to be sold.

Can you have Too Many Eggs?

The early spring has meant a surge an egg sales and very active beehives. Now we just have to hope there isn't a sudden hard freeze.
Rooster Joe and his Happy hens give us 18 or more eggs per day.

Mucking out the Chicken Coop

We take advantage of the warmest day yet in February to catch up on homestead chores. It's no fun, but needs to be don
A neighbor who is clearing some land brought us these logs of future firewood.

Congratulations! You Made it Halfway through Winter

We're halfway through winter, but anything can happen weather wise, especially in February. Don't let warm weather get your hopes up
A chicken dares to come out of the coop despite the snow.

Cold and Hazardous Conditions on the Homestead

Despite bone-chilling cold, dangerous driveways and roads, and days of snow, we successfully survived the blast of winter weather.
In the snow, everything looks black and white.

The Arctic Blast Arrives

Snow and bitter cold make homestead chores more difficult, but the chickens seem to tolerate it OK as long as they get food and water.
Map of weather anomalies

Winter is Back in Our Neck of the Woods

Pete is "lucky" enough to live in the one section of the country where the winter temps are normal or close to it. Looks like a cold January.
Large and medium eggs from our older hens, small eggs from the younger hens.

Extra Eggs Finally Here

Nineteen weeks after they were hatched, the chicks we got in early August are finally starting to lay eggs. Soon, we hoped to be swamped with eggs.
An autumn scene in the mountains

Heading into Winter on the Homestead and in the World

If we face a war in the Middle East with possible shortages and terrorism, the homestead becomes an increasingly important part of our preps.
These 8-week-old Red Star pullets are enjoying their first few days in the coop.

Adding more Egg Layers to the Homestead

After more than two years, our chickens were laying less and less, eggs so we decided it was time to start over with new hens.