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This was a state of the art pistol in the late 1990s and featured an early (and large) red dot. Pete got it out of the safe for the first time in years.

No Lawyers, Just Guns and Honey

What's Pete been doing? Shooting guns, cleaning guns, and keeping bees. Both shooting and beekeeping are good hobbies for preppers to adopt.
A sign warning people not to trespass because bees sting.

Big Bee News as the Harvest Nears

Pete is trying not to count his eggs before they hatch, but all indications point to a large spring honey harvest. And that's just part of the news.
This frame from a new split shows the queen is doing a good job laying eggs.

Checking in with My Bees and the New Queen

Our apiary grows and we may gain a second bee yard to allow for further expansion. I'm running low on equipment, too.
After the queen bee returns from her mating flight, she never leaves again unless the hive swarms.

Growing my Apiary the Natural Way

You can buy bees, or you can help your hives reproduce, expanding your bee yard or apiary at no cost. it just takes time and patience.
Eggs stored in our refrigerator waiting to be sold.

Can you have Too Many Eggs?

The early spring has meant a surge an egg sales and very active beehives. Now we just have to hope there isn't a sudden hard freeze.
Bees bringing pollen into the hive.

Signs of an Early Spring

Suddenly, spring was here. The bees were flying, the robins were hunting worms, and the bats were catching insects. The homestead is getting busy again.
Rooster Joe and his Happy hens give us 18 or more eggs per day.

Mucking out the Chicken Coop

We take advantage of the warmest day yet in February to catch up on homestead chores. It's no fun, but needs to be don
A frame of fall honey

Back to the Hives for one Last Honey Harvest

After a big honey harvest in late August, the bees surprised us and kept producing for another month. We got anther 50 pounds.
Lots of bees

Lots of Bees, Not Much Honey

I have plenty of bees, but little honey. We are all waiting for something to bloom besides wildflowers and clover so the honey flow can start.
A bee smoker

A Tough Year so far for Bees and Honey

The honey season is off to a slow start thanks to a cool and wet spring, but things are beginning to look up on the homestead.