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COVID-19 healthcare worker

The COVID-19 Pandemic Gets Stranger

The coronavirus is infecting people but they are not sick. Yet another wave is building and they'll probably start restrictions again this fall.
prepper news update

Prepper News Update, November 6

More Massive Passive Resistance Among the Unvaccinated This article reports that nearly half of employees in some critical industries remain unvaccinated, daring their employer to...

Prepper news Update November 2

The Big No Jab Resignation is Starting According to this article, a survey showed that 19 percent of employers had vaccine mandates and 5 percent...
Man in a purge mask. Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash.

How will you Survive During the Purge?

Some municipalities might have a shortage of police, fire, and EMS personnel due to their decisive and destructive vaccine mandates. Yet the politicians don't seem to care.
Chicken and Turkey could be in short supply next month.. Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash/

Meat and Poultry Shortages Could Surge in November

A meat industry insider predicts more shortages will come as vaccine mandates force meat processors and packers to fire employees.
COVID-19 mask being burned in protest.

COVID is Breaking the System, and it may Never Bounce Back

I think we could have handled a pandemic but the global overreaction, the lockdowns, the restrictions and the crackdown on individual liberties are far worse than the disease itself.

Prepper News Update July 30

Vaccines Less Effective Over Time The FDA has found that the effectiveness of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine drops by about 19 percent to 84 percent over...
police in combat gear representing force

The Slippery Slope: Where do the Mandates End?

First it was mask mandates. Then it was business closures. Now the government is forcing people to get the vaccine. Wher does this pattern of abuse lead us?
A contagious patient. Photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash.

Many Vaccines Less Effective with Delta Variant of COVID-19

Perhaps people would take the Delta variant of COVID-19 more seriously if they called it COVID-21. Its causing another wave in much of the world.
fog rolls up the valley

Prepper Diary March 17: We get a Cold Snap for St...

Despite the recent warm weather, we find that winter is not over as temperatures turn colder and fog heralds the arrival of rain and snow.