Prepper News Update, November 6

More Massive Passive Resistance Among the Unvaccinated

This article reports that nearly half of employees in some critical industries remain unvaccinated, daring their employer to fire them. In a twist, the head of the local union says he will never vote for a Democrat again because of this, and is telling his members to follow in his footsteps.

It’s not just private organizations. Between 20 and 40 percent of the personnel working at U.S. intelligence agencies are unvaccinated as of late October, as are up to 40 percent of TSA employees. Expect flying the “friendly” skies to be even less friendly.

Where have all the Truck Drivers Gone?

The Wall Street Journal looks at why there is a shortage of truck drivers. One conclusion: Most drivers are not paid for waiting time, so as waits and delays go up, more and more drivers throw in the towel. This leads to a disparity of pay, as drivers for private fleets or big brands can make $100,000 or more a year. Since the biggest wait times are at ports, fewer truckers go to ports, contributing to the supply chain crisis.

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Prepper news Update November 2

The Big No Jab Resignation is Starting

According to this article, a survey showed that 19 percent of employers had vaccine mandates and 5 percent of employees have resigned or decide d to resignrather than get the jab. If all 5 percent are at the companies with mandates (which makes sense – why quit if they have no mandate) then those companies are going to lose 20 percent of their workforce, which is HUGE. Those numbers are also in line with what we are seeing in New York City among police, fire and sanitation workers willing to get laid off rather than vaccinated.

Corrections officers are also resigning, according to the Associated Press, leaving prisons dangerously understaffed.

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How will you Survive During the Purge?

Some municipalities might have a shortage of police, fire, and EMS personnel due to their decisive and destructive vaccine mandates. Yet the politicians don’t seem to care.

So what are you going to do when somewhere between 20 and 50 percent of your local police force can’t come to work because they have not had the COVID-19 vaccine? Will your plans change when they have to empty the jails and prisons because jailers, prison guards, and corrections officers refused to get the jab? You won’t be able to fly somewhere safe because half the airlines are canceling flights because of pilots and aircrews that are not vaccinated. Forty percent of TSA workers also remain unvaccinated, so if they do not cancel your flight, expect long lines at the security check-in.

 I hope you don’t get hurt while defending your home and family from the purge-like situation caused by a lack of law enforcement, because the 911 center isn’t answering calls. Many of EMTs and paramedics that staff your local ambulance service were sent home because they didn’t get the shot. You could drive to the hospital, but it’s probably understaffed anyway because, you guessed it, of the vax mandate.

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Meat and Poultry Shortages Could Surge in November

A meat industry insider predicts more shortages will come as vaccine mandates force meat processors and packers to fire employees.

A friend of my daughter has a degree in poultry science (yes, that’s a thing) and works as a USDA inspector at poultry plants in the South. He warned my daughter that once the vaccine mandates go into effect November 1, there will be a drop in employees at poultry plants and meat production will slow down. He said this is likely to happen for beef and pork as well, but he only has first-hand knowledge of the poultry plants.

Let me put this in plain English: Expect meat shortages starting in mid-November and lasting months because of unconstitutional vaccine mandates aggressively implemented by the Biden Administration. Expect prices to rise even further.

Stock your freezer now. Blame Biden later.

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COVID is Breaking the System, and it may Never Bounce Back

I think we could have handled a pandemic but the global overreaction, the lockdowns, the restrictions and the crackdown on individual liberties are far worse than the disease itself.

It’s Monday, so I’m going to talk about COVID-19, specifically the state of America now that the latest surge, blamed on the Delta variant, has thrown us back into where we stood in mid-November. Last November, people panicked. This year, the reaction is ho hum.

I think the government is focusing its messaging on the need for more vaccinations because it allows them to blame the populace for rising numbers. I think the media are ignoring COVID not because we are sick and tired of hearing about it, but because they don’t want to pile more bad news on the Biden Administration. Both are avoiding talking about possible treatments because it might make Trump look good. After all, he was recommending some of the same treatments a year ago that other countries are adopting today.

What will they do when they force more than 90 percent vaccine compliance and we still get new variations and more breakthrough cases? Maybe they will go back to blaming China, which is no doubt where a good part of the initial blame lies.

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Prepper News Update July 30

Vaccines Less Effective Over Time

The FDA has found that the effectiveness of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine drops by about 19 percent to 84 percent over six months.  That’s far better than the Chinese vaccine, which apparently drops below 50 percent after six months.  The news may worry the vaccinated, but Pfizer’s shareholders are probably celebrating.  This news could mean they get to sell booster shots.  According to the wall Street Journal, Pfizer expects to make $33.5 billion selling the vaccine this year.

The Best Places for Survival

A study published in the journal Sustainability rated the top places to survive the collapse of society are island nations in this order: New Zealand, Iceland, the UK, Tasmania, and Ireland.  These countries were chosen for their ability to grow food, protect their borders from mass migration, and maintain their electrical grid.  My guess is that the U.S. failed on the second point, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your retreat a “collapse lifeboat” within the U.S. 

The article is an interesting read for the serious prepper while the actual journal article goes into detail on the problems of a complex society and says it has determined “human civilisation that is in a perilous state, with large and growing risks developing in multiple spheres of the human endeavour.”  While I do not agree with many of the assumptions and predictions of the paper, it is still worth reading and provides many ideas worth considering.

Flashpoints and Future Wars

We’ve talked previously about rising tensions between China and Taiwan and its allies, and how this could result in a war. Here’s an interesting article on flashpoints for World War Three, and Taiwan ranks at the top.

The Slippery Slope: Where do the Mandates End?

First it was mask mandates. Then it was business closures. Now the government is forcing people to get the vaccine. Wher does this pattern of abuse lead us?

Webster defines mandate as “to officially require something; make (something) mandatory” and by as “an official order to do something.”

America was founded on freedom and liberty and the concept that the powers of government are limited. Nowhere in the Constitution is the president or the executive branch given the power to force people to get vaccinated, and the CDC is part of the executive branch. Yes, in 1905, the Supreme Court allowed fining someone $5 for not taking the vaccine, but it also allowed reasonable exceptions. Citizens have a fair bit of leeway in deciding how they behave, and forcing someone to get a vaccine is probably illegal.

Most Americans don’t like to be told what they must do. It sticks in our craw and causes people to resist. It would not surprise me that there are people who would have taken the vaccine if made available but who chose not to do so because they felt they were being forced to do so.

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Many Vaccines Less Effective with Delta Variant of COVID-19

Perhaps people would take the Delta variant of COVID-19 more seriously if they called it COVID-21. Its causing another wave in much of the world.

The good news is that COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in the U.S. continue to drop, even as the Delta variant is becoming the dominant strain in the U.S. For those that haven’t been following the news, the COVID-19 mutation known as Delta caused the surge of cases and so much death in India and is far more transmissible. More good news is that both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines appear to be quite effective against Delta.

The bad news is that the Delta variant of COVID-19 is marching across the world, and Chinese vaccines appear to be less effective against this mutation. Multiple countries are experiencing surges as this article reports “examples from several countries suggest that the Chinese vaccines may not be very effective at preventing the spread of the virus, particularly the new variants.”

A vaccine that is 51 percent effective is still better than no vaccine, and China vaccinated 500 million people in a single month. But that may only cut the path of COVID-19 in half. If another outbreak develops or the country increases its lockdowns and shutdowns to prevent the spread, it could exacerbate supply chain problems and cause costs to rise. Shipping delays already plague key Southern ports in China. COVID-19 could increase the backlog.

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Prepper Diary March 17: We get a Cold Snap for St Patrick’s Day

Despite the recent warm weather, we find that winter is not over as temperatures turn colder and fog heralds the arrival of rain and snow.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! My wife is making corned beef for dinner tonight, and I am very much looking forward to it. We will also have soda bread scones and it would not surprise me if she makes cabbage. She briefly bemoaned the lack of green beer, but that I will not miss.

The Weather Turns Colder

While we are not getting the two-to-four-feet of snow they had in Colorado and Wyoming, it has turned colder and wetter, making things damp and chilly with an occasional coating of fog. These are the blah days of March, when it is neither roaring like a lion nor mincing like a lamb. 

We knew winter was not over, but that doesn’t mean we were looking forward to its return. Making matters worse, it is the time of year to do our taxes, something I never enjoy. Thanks to our move, it is often taking three weeks to get mail forwarded from our old address to our new P.O. box. That means our incoming tax documents are late. Ah, the joys of paperwork.

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COVID-19 Increases in Europe Despite Continued U.S. Decline

Just two months ago, the U.S. was seeing COVID-19 cases grow at 9 percent per week. In the past week, the U.S. has seen growth of 1.4 percent. Meanwhile cases across Europe are climbing.

As cases of COVID-19 continue to slow in the U.S. with hospitalizations down about 70 percent from their peak, cases in Europe increased 9 percent over the past week. The big question is whether a similar increase lies in the future for the United States.

According to the WHO, its new variations of the virus that are causing the European increase, as reported in this article from the Associated Press:

The variant first found in the U.K. is spreading significantly in 27 European countries monitored by WHO and is dominant in at least 10 countries: Britain, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Israel, Spain and Portugal.

It is up to 50% more transmissible than the virus that surged last spring and again in the fall, making it more adept at thwarting measures that were previously effective, WHO experts warned. Scientists have concluded that it is also more deadly.

In reality, the difference in numbers may related to the greater success with vaccination in the U.S. The European Union, as we have reported before, was slow to order vaccines and is lagging the U.S. in both vaccine availability and the number of people being vaccinated per day.

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