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COVID-19 screening point. Photo by Graham Ruttan on Unsplash.

COVID-19 Increases in Europe Despite Continued U.S. Decline

Just two months ago, the U.S. was seeing COVID-19 cases grow at 9 percent per week. In the past week, the U.S. has seen growth of 1.4 percent. Meanwhile cases across Europe are climbing.
A medical professional gives a man a vaccine while his family watches.

COVID-19 Cases Level Off as Vaccination Accelerates in U.S.

As the decrease in COVID-19 cases levels off and some worry that social distancing has been relaxed too early, vaccination ramps up.
The peaks and valleys of COVID-19

COVID-19 Cases Drop 39 Percent in Two Weeks

Is the plunging number of new COVID-19 cases part of a normal peak and valley, or is the vaccine pushing numbers down?
Subsonic .300 Blackout ammo

The Storm Bloweth Over and Ammo Prices Continue to Rise

We've weathered he winter snow, now we have to deal with high ammo prices. It may be time to roll our own.
The vaccine maybe responsible for a sudden decrease in COVID-19 cases.

After Weeks of Growth, COVID-19 Cases Show Significant Decline

After increasing rapidly for three months, COVID-19 cases in the U.S. took a sudden downturn this past week. Is it the vaccine or just another wave?
Positive COVID Test

COVID-19 Cases Rise in U.S. as Vaccination Program Kicks Off

As the vaccine starts rolling out around the country, numbers continue to rise, possibly as a result of Thanksgiving.
Vaccine syringe and vial

Coronavirus Report August 4: To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

A safe and effective vaccine will be a step forward, but far from a victory march in the battle against COVID-19.
In the late 1700s, Edward Jenner noticed that milk maids who had been sickened with cow pox were immune to small pox, a much more serious disease. By inoculating people with cow pox, he developed a surprisingly effective way to prevent small pox, and laid the seeds for the modern vaccine industry.

Coronavirus Report July 18: Antibody Issues and Vaccine Doubts

There are now more than 14 million cases of COVID-19 across the globe, with about 25 percent inthe U.S. Now there are fears that victims might get it again.
A syringe and medical vials. Photo by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Coronavirus Report July 15: Vaccines and Difficult Times Ahead

The CDC has dire predictions for the coming flu season, but COVID-19 vaccine development continues to offer hope.