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old dimes and quarters

Silver Drops Below $20; Is this a Buying Opportunity?

Silver prices have dropped precipitously. Is this a tremendous buying opportunity or a sign of doom and gloom?
old dimes and quarters

Silver Dealer Tries to Charge me an Enormous Premium

I run into a rude coin dealer who apparently doesn't need my cash. Be an educated consumer and knowing when to walk away from a bad deal.
A roll of Franklin half-dollars that are 90 percent silver.

Taking my Own Advice and Stacking up

That's not a typo. I decided it was time to stack some silver to help combat inflation and hold for post SHTF purposes.
Image of the global bitcoin network

Bitcoin or Gold and Silver – Which is Better for Preppers?

Bitcoin has been called "the new gold," but is it truly a store of wealth suitable for preppers? What happens to it in a grid-down scenario?
A one-ounce gold Krugerrand

My Old Gold Coin is worth How Much?

The summer before Y2K, I bought this gold Krugerrand for $278. Want to guess how many times more than that it is worth today?
1985 Ford F-150

Some Real World Examples of Inflation that Devalues Your Dollars

A truck that costs five times as much now as it did in 1985. A house the costs 60 times as much as it did in 1964. Both are real-world examples of inflation.
Gold and silver coins

Precious Metals for Preppers

We answer the questions: Do gold and silver have a role in your preparedness planning? If so, what types should you buy and when?