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Globe on fire

What Does the Skyrocketing Price of Gold Signal?

Why is the price of gold rising, and what does it mean? As the smart money races to safety, should you do the same?
Gold coins and bars

Gold Hits New Record High

Gold hit a record high today, Bitcoin came close, and silver was up too. What's going on with these markets?
A pile of gold like this can be worth thousands of dollars.

Cashing in on some Old Jewelry

That old jewelry you don't wear and have tucked away in a drawer or cabinet can be worth thousands of dollars.
Gold Maple Leaf coins

Why You Shouldn’t Buy your Gold at Costco

Costco is a great place to buy your rice, beans and other groceries, but as Pete explains, buying your gold there could be a big mistake.
A selection of one-ounce coins issued by government mints from around the world.

Silver, the Dollar and Interest Rates

The price of silver dropped today, representing an opportunity for preppers and speculators to pick up the white metal. But is it a good option for preppers?
FTX going down in flames

What Preppers can Lear from the Collapse of FTX

FTX was apparently off the rails for some time but no one knew it until it wrecked. Let's make sure your life isn't like that.
Cryptocurrency trading

FTX Bankruptcy Shows Importance of Controlling your Assets

Controlling your assets is another kind of self-reliance. When you control your hard assets, it's harder to be defrauded or caught in a collapse.
Image of the global bitcoin network

Bitcoin or Gold and Silver – Which is Better for Preppers?

Bitcoin has been called "the new gold," but is it truly a store of wealth suitable for preppers? What happens to it in a grid-down scenario?
Gold and silver coins

Precious Metals for Preppers

We answer the questions: Do gold and silver have a role in your preparedness planning? If so, what types should you buy and when?