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A double-row of firewood on five pallets. This represnets about 40 percent of the firewood we have on hand for the coming winter.

Firewood Cutting, Splitting and Stacking

As we leave winter behind, we start preparing for the next one, laying in a good stock of firewood to dry and season over the summer.
Tarp on a woodpile

A Cold House and Wet Weather

A damp, wet day will make the air temperature feel colder. A wood fire is an excellent antidote. Of course, that requires dry firewood.
Bees bringing in pollen

No Blizzard for us! More Time for Chores

While bad weather seems to have cut a swatch from California to Minnesota, we escaped and the bees and I both used the time productively.
A man in front of a crumbing building in Ukraine

War, the Economy and Prepping

Like the war in Ukraine, things with the economy seem to be sputtering along in fits and starts. What should we believe? What should we do?
Splitting firewood with an axe.

Tackling Winter Projects on the Homestead

Just because its cold, snowy and windy doesn't mean there isn't work to be done. Thankfully, much of it can be done inside.
Frames pulled from beehives this summer but never harvested are use to feed the bees in the winter.

After the Blizzard, a Comparative Heatwave

The blizzard behind us, the warm temperatures provide relief for people and livestock and a chance to do homestead chores.
A conibear trap set to kill whatever comes out of this hole.

A Winter Rest and Reset on the Homestead

The cold is giving us a rest as outdoor chores dwindle and we have time to relax and step back from the demands of homesteading.
A few bees venture out in the November sun.

Getting the Beehives Ready for Winter

Here are the details on how we insulate and wrap our hives to give our bees an added chance to survive the winter, plus a farm inflation report.
A wet, gloomy day

Hurricane Nicole Brings the Rain

A rainy day gives a much-needed rest from outdoor activities, helps the drought, and heralds the beginning of winter
Rows of stacked firewood

Firewood and Desperation Before and After the SHTF

When you heat with wood, it changes how you look at the forest around you. Every tree looks like a potential source of heat.