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A body lies on the ground, apparently dead.

You MUST be able to Defend Yourself

Whether in a mass shooting on an isolated event, you have to be prepared to defend yourself and your family. Guns remain the best way to do so.
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Prepper News January 28: Big Food Raises Prices

Kraft Heinz, the maker of not just cheese and ketchup but many more food items, including cold cuts, hot dogs, Kool-Aid and Maxwell House...
Crime Scene

Liberals and their “Rules for Thee but not for Me” Mentality

It amuses me when the unintended consequences of liberal policies result in problems that affect... liberals.
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Prepper News Update December 10

More Details on Follow-Home Robberies in California This article from The Wrap provides more details on California follow-home robbers, which we covered last week. Three Potential...
Razor wire on a building

How to Stay Safe as Crime Rises in Cities

Homelessness, drug use, rising crime, shocking murder rates. Life in many cities is deteriorating. Here are some options to protect yourself.
Pistol pointed at your face

New Violent Criminal Threats to Your Personal Safety

Violent criminals are using masses of people to overwhelm police and security. Similar techniques are carrying over to robberies of individuals as well.
LAPD officers. Photo by Sean Lee on Unsplash.

Hiring More Police Officers is Neither Easy Nor Quick

As a result of the defund the police movement and last year's riots and protests, there are fewer police and more murders and serious crime. That's not a coincidence.
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We Know we Made the Right Decision when we Left the...

We've owned our Prepper Property for more than a year and lived in it full time for about six months. Talk about getting out while the getting was good!
An Apache Longbow helicopter

August 28: Future Threats You Should Prepare for Now

As bad as hurricanes and forest fires are, there are plenty of far more serious potential disaster to prep for.