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The U.S. scrambled F-22 Fighter jets in response to the balloon but held off on destroying it.

Prepare for War, Hate and Violence

A general just told the 50,000 troops under him to get some target practice, train harder, and get their legal affairs in order. That's good advice!
An armed citizen shoots an armed robber.

Tacos and Armed Robbery: Is the Shooter a Hero?

Pete weighs in on the Houston taqueria shooting in which an armed diner shot an armed robber in the back eight times and then one in the head.
A man in handcuffs about to be seated in a police cruiser.

Ten Ways to Minimize your Chance of Arrest and Prosecution

The average person inadvertently breaks the law, violates a statute, or disobeys a regulation multiple times a day.
Moore County in the center of North Carolina.

North Carolina’s Power Outage and its Ramifications for Preppers

Now that people have seen how easy it is to attack a power substation, will we see similar attacks? Probably, unless they increase security.
Man in chest rig with AR-15

Heavily Armed Guards Protect Philly Gas Station

A North Philadelphia neighborhood gas station owner has hired Kevlar-clad armed guards toting AR-15s and shotguns to prevent crime.
Grocery shopper in an aisle

How Long will Grocery Shopping Remain Safe?

With growing organized retail theft and rising crime, grocery shopping may become unsafe sooner than you think.
A police car responding to a crime

Criminals and a Lack of Consequences

Criminals are now sniping at cops from rooftops. Two Newark officers were shot Tuesday, one in the neck, the other in the leg. Both...
Crime Scene

Watch Out – Leftists are taking it Easy on Criminals

Crime is rising in many cities and socialists don't seem to care. In fact, you could argue that their soft-on-crime no-bail policies are encouraging it.
an FBI gun and badge

If the Feds can Raid Donald Trump’s House, are any of...

The FBI gets used against Trump again, tainting their reputation and making many compare them to the secret police used by dictators to arrest their opposition.
A person in a hoodie with their face obscured by shadows.

Crime and the Lack of Natural Consequences

To almost no one’s surprise, releasing criminals from jail puts more criminals on the street resulting in more crime.