The Pickled Prepper
When I was a kid, I thought my future would involve space trave; and any aliens we dealt with would be from other star systems, not South and Central American

The Future that Withered on the Vine

When I was a boy, the future looked bright. Now that I am living in that future, it's pretty disappointing. I blame the politicians.
A gavel

When Layers Lie on the Stand for All to See

I thought you have to be smart to get through law school, but some of the lawyer's we've seen on the stand this past week make me question that assumption.
bad news

The R-word is Beginning to Look Inescapable

We won’t know if the fourth quarter is officially a recession until months afterwards, but we’ll feel in our wallets, on the jobs front, and in housing prices.
You can see how this inside-the-waistband holster and gun could be easily concealed by draping the shirt over it..

New Mexico Governor Bans Guns in Albuquerque

We must act to stop the use of so-called "public heath emergencies" to ban guns in New Mexico or it will be happening in your state.
Vivek Ramaswamy drew a lot of fire at the Republican debate.

My View on the Republican Debate Results

This week's Republican debate has little to do with prepping, but it's a nice change from talking about war, famine, pestilence and collapse.