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Gas is so expensive, people cannot afford to go boating

The Other Day, I Stayed Home and Saved Money

I am staying home to save money, and I am not alone. People are cutting back on vacations and scaling back their weekend plans as gasoline inflation bites them
Clothes hanging at a dry cleaner.

Country Living Means Driving 50 Miles to Run an Errand

Rural living can mean long drives and inconveniences, but we find it worth it. City life means crime, noise, traffic, high costs and too many people.
The Lorob Bees oxalic acid vaporizer

Rain, More Rain, Snow, and Gassing my Bees

We got warm weather, but there was no sun, just rain and more rain. As soon as it clears up and warms up, we're going to kill some varroa mites.
A man alone on a mountain

We Should All Spend More Time Alone with Ourselves

The snow has forced us into isolation and limited what we can do. I like it.
Our dog in the snow

A Warm and Sunny 16 Degrees

After a couple days of blowing snow and sub zero temperatures, a sunny day was a welcome respite. The days are getting longer, too.
Bees seen through the inner cover

Prepper Diary: Warm Weather Means More Work on the Homestead

An unexpected warm spell presented the perfect opportunity to get some work done on the chicken coop and beehives.
A rusty can of grits stored in a barn.

How does Old Food Taste? Digging Into our Survival Stash

Its a good idea to inspect and taste-test your long term survival food from time to time. We were dubious abut this rusted can of grits, so we gave them a try.
The odd egg was laid by a different breed of hen.

Prepper Diary and Homestead Update for November 10

As fall comes to a close, its time to winterize the homestead and make sure the livestock is protected from snow, wind, and cold weather.
A light snow fell yesterday.

Prepper Diary November 5: Snow Signals the Start of Winter

Fall is segueing into winter a few degrees at time. We've moved from chilly nights, to frost, to killing frost and now snow.
A view of scenic West Virginia in the fall

Prepper Diary and Homestead Update, October 28

The hens are laying and the homestead continues to do well as we enter the colder months, due in part to our work this spring and summer.