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Hurricane Idalia's projected path as of 7 a/,/ 8/28/23.

Hurricane Idalia Heads to Florida

Hurricane season is definitely picking as Hurricane Idalia heads to the West Coast of Florida, looking to come ashore Wednesday with winds as high as 115 mph.
The eye of Hurricane Hillary.

Hillary to Smack California

Forecasts call for Hurricane Hillary to come aground in the Baja peninsula and continue North through San Diego, bringing flash flooding with it.
A hurricane seen from space

Hurricane Threat Increases

The height of the hurricane season is still a month or more away, but prognosticators are increasing their predictions for a heavy season.
A hurricane seen from space

Very Active Hurricane Season Begins in Four Weeks

Forecasters expect the 2023 hurricane season will be similar to 2017, which was one of the worst on record.
Hurricane Ian as seen from Space before it hits Florida.

This is what Happens when you Rely on the Government

Fingers are being pointed at Florida officials who some say waited to long to evacuate Lee County, but people need to take responsibility for themselves.
The Sanibel Island Caseway

Floridians Hit by Hurricane Ian in Panic Mode as Water and...

Four days after Hurricane Ian, some people who sheltered in place are growing angry at what they see as a slow response.
Hurricane Ian as seen from Space before it hits Florida.

Lessons from Hurricane Ian, Before it Hits

Hurricane Ian is bearing down on the West Coast of Florida, an area ill prepared for it. Even before it hits, we can learn from it.
Hurricane evacuation route signage

Hurricane Ian Heads for Florida

Florida has declared a state of emergency as Tropical Storm Ian, soon to become a major hurricane, bears down on it.
Hurricane Ida as seen on Saturday, August 20, 2021.

Utilities Fear Lack Of Transformers As Peak Hurricane Season Looms

If your power gets knocked out by a hurricane, shortages of transformers, line, and poles could slow efforts to restore power
A hurricane seen from space

A Monster Hurricane Season Is Coming

Apparently inflation, a food shortage, an energy crisis and war is Europe wasn't enough. Now we have a monster hurricane season predicted.