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A small part can make a big difference.

For want of a Hose Clamp

Nothing like running out of water when you have a house full of people. Because we have spare parts on hand, we got back up and running quickly.
A few bees venture out in the November sun.

Getting the Beehives Ready for Winter

Here are the details on how we insulate and wrap our hives to give our bees an added chance to survive the winter, plus a farm inflation report.
A house in the mountains

How to Start a Retreat from Scratch

Read the story of a family that bought raw land and built their own retreat, including the many steps they took.
A black bear

There’s a Bear Out There

Bears and warmer weather return to the homestead. Hopefully we'll see the last of the bears once it turns cold again and stays cold.
Tiny waterfall

Fall Activities on the Homestead

With a hard freeze expected this coming week, we have to wrap up our pre-winter preps on the homestead, but it isn't all work and no play.
Stacks of ammo cans

Ammo Cans and Homestead Defense

Storing ammo in .50-caliber ammo cans keeps it dry and allows you to grab a few and throw them into your car if you need to bug out.
chicksn on their roost

Will Raising Chickens Make you Self-Sufficient?

Will chickens make you self-sufficient? No, but chickens are a step towards reducing your dependency on big food.
A trail in the autumn

Life Goes on and Work Needs to be Done

Regardless of what is happening in the big, bad world around us, life goes on. Don't let the big problems distract you from the important things in life.
A frame of bees with pollen and honey

Testing for Mites to Raise Healthy Fat Winter Bees

The bees look strong heading into the fall, but our mite check turned up some Varroa mites in one of our larger hives.
black pipe in my pick up bed

Inflation on the Homestead

Inflation affects everything we buy for the homestead, but shopping around can pay off. Food and dining out are getting shockingly expensive.