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It's always nice to open a beehive and find it full of bees! As the honey flow starts, the more bees there are, the more honey they will bring home.

Homestead Updates and Prepping Thoughts

Updates on the economy, precious metals pricing, our beehives, our solar power system, and the use of drones for prepping.
A double-row of firewood on five pallets. This represnets about 40 percent of the firewood we have on hand for the coming winter.

Firewood Cutting, Splitting and Stacking

As we leave winter behind, we start preparing for the next one, laying in a good stock of firewood to dry and season over the summer.
Our finished chicken coop

Building a Predator-Proof Henhouse

Losing chickens is a part of homestead life, but you don't have to make it easy on the predators. Take steps to keep your egg-supply safe.
Running your chainsaw and other equipment with gasoline engines from time to time helps ensure they are in good condition and will start in an emergency.

It’s Spring, Time to Start your Engines

It's the time of year to start your small gas-powered engines, change the oil, grease the moving parts, and make sure your equipment is ready.
Eggs stored in our refrigerator waiting to be sold.

Can you have Too Many Eggs?

The early spring has meant a surge an egg sales and very active beehives. Now we just have to hope there isn't a sudden hard freeze.
Bees bringing pollen into the hive.

Signs of an Early Spring

Suddenly, spring was here. The bees were flying, the robins were hunting worms, and the bats were catching insects. The homestead is getting busy again.
Rooster Joe and his Happy hens give us 18 or more eggs per day.

Mucking out the Chicken Coop

We take advantage of the warmest day yet in February to catch up on homestead chores. It's no fun, but needs to be don
In the snow, everything looks black and white.

The Arctic Blast Arrives

Snow and bitter cold make homestead chores more difficult, but the chickens seem to tolerate it OK as long as they get food and water.
A handful of pills and tablets.

Getting Sick on the Homestead Sucks

Being sick on the homestead is a hassle, but being sick in a SHTF scenario will be worse. Still, its not a fun lesson.
Person with a cold taking their temperature

A Quick Update from Pete

Pete is laid up with one of the many viruses making the rounds. Our rate of posting may drop off for a few days until he makes a recovery.