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The R-word is Beginning to Look Inescapable

We won’t know if the fourth quarter is officially a recession until months afterwards, but we’ll feel in our wallets, on the jobs front, and in housing prices.
gas pump

Inflation Pops Upward, Driven by Gasoline

the August CPI jumped 0.6 percent, the highest since June 2022.
Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the rate of inflation exceeds 100 percent annually.

Are you Prepared for a Partial Collapse WROL?

In the U.S., gangs are looting high-end stores. In Argentina, flash mobs are looting grocery stores. That may be what our future holds.
Teamsters strike signage

Unions Gain Bargaining Power as Strike Threats Drive Up Pay

Unions are have The pendulum has swung towards the unions which have had success negotiating significantly higher pay for members.
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Inflation Costs You $8,500 More

Inflation is costing the typical family $709 more per month than they spent two years ago. That's $8,500 per month.
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Are You seeing Food Shortages and Empty Shelves Again?

Are India's rice export restrictions and threats to Ukrainian shipping causing panic buying and another food shortage?
Pallets of rice at Sam's Club

India Bans Rice Exports As Global Grain Shortage Looms

India has banned rice exports, sending shock waves through the global marketplace and threatening higher food prices.
Canned chicken was priced right at Costco.

Stocking Up while on the Road

Pete does some stocking up while on a road trip and reports things in the real world look good, but people seem to be wound tight.
$100 and $50 bills

Inflation, Recession and the Dollar

Given the current plight of our economy, it looks like we may be leanign away from recession and back to more inflation.
Its tax time

Prepare for your Taxes to go Up – Part 1

Social Security is running out of money. The deficit is rising. Like it or not, taxes are going to have to go up.