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Sign saying inflation ahead. Image from BigStock.

Inflation in August Higher than Expected

The August CPI was higher than anticipated, as was the reading for core inflation.
Different Euro notes

Is this what a European Collapse Will Look Like?

This winter will see Europe and the EU stressed like never before. What kind of problems will the energy crisis and high inflation create?
Grocery Store Aisle

Things Are Shockingly Normal in Town

I look at the energy crisis, the food crisis, and the other problems going on in the world, and I wonder, how can things be so normal in town?
Store shelves crammed with food.

Never Again will so Many have so Much

The age of abundance, where almost anyone could afford almost anything, is being to an end by shortages and rising prices.
Gas storage tanks in Switzerland

Is Hyperinflation Going to Destroy Europe?

As the price of energy in Europe skyrockets, it will drive hyperinflation in many industries that are dependent on natural gas.
black pipe in my pick up bed

Inflation on the Homestead

Inflation affects everything we buy for the homestead, but shopping around can pay off. Food and dining out are getting shockingly expensive.
Walmart Pasta Shelf

Testing the State of the Economy while Shopping

My most recent shopping trip shows inflation continues to rise, people are losing their jobs, and supply change problems persist.
Sign saying inflation ahead. Image from BigStock.

How to Live with High Inflation

Is it too late to prepare for inflation? Maybe, maybe not,but you can still learn how to live with it.
Bird flu is driving up the cost of eggs again.

Egg Prices in US Jump 47% as Food Inflation Hits New...

While gasoline prices dropped, food inflation exceeded 12 percent in the past year. Eggs were especially hard hit, climbing 47 percent.
A $5 bill

Every Little Thing Now Costs $5

Inflation has gotten so bad that $5 is quickly becoming the cost for the least expensive items. We're going to need a $500 bill soon.