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A house with solar panels on its roof.

Is it Time to invest in a Solar Power System?

With the current energy crisis and the growing threat of electricity blackouts, is it time for preppers to consider solar power?
Solar panels on a roof

Are Electric Vehicles and Solar Power Right for Preppers?

As the price of solar power drops and more preppers buy solar power generators and a few panels, should you consider an electric vehicle?
Propane tank

Survival Diary June 28: Propane Possibilities

Our all-electric house may be getting its first propane-powered appliance. That could be the foot in the door.
Ryobi inverter and 18-volt battery

Using the Ryobi Inverter for Stop-Gap Emergency Power

It's small. It's not very powerful, but the price was right. This mini-inverter adds another layer in our preps.
Drought map as of 3-9-21

Extreme Drought Hits Western U.S., Plus New Solar Ideas

Much of the Western U.S. is in a severe to exceptional drought and unless some serious snow falls in their mountains, we could see an impact on the food supply
The Capital. Image by JamesDeMers from Pixabay.

The Best Way Preppers Should Spend their Stimulus Check

As Congress creeps closer to yet another stimulus bill, Preppers may be in for a windfall. Here are our suggestions on how to spend it.
Mountain Sunset

Picking the Best Solar Power Inverter

The inverter is both the heart and the brains of your solar power system, so you need to carefully consider what type you need, how much power it can handle, and what your budget can afford
Solar Panels

More Solar Power Considerations for Preppers

Selecting a solar power installation is not a simple choice. You need to consider the type of system, the best battery to use, and the size and type of solar panel
solar panels on a roof. Photo by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay.

How to Decide if You Should Invest in Solar Power

Every prepper should consider solar power at some point in the prepper journey. We assess where we stand and start making some decisions.