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Mountain Sunset

We Commit to Solar Power

We bite the bullet, write a check, and sign the contract with a solar provider. With any luck, we'll have a while-house solar power system installed in 90 days.
A house with solar panels on its roof.

Third Time’s the Charm

We get a third solar power quote, and this one has some nice features. There are a few open issues, but it could be a winner!
Power generation plant

Electric Utilities Can’t Keep up with Surging Demand

So many data centers are being built or are in the planning stages that we could see a surge in electrical demand beyond what the utilities can produce.
Solar panels on a roof

Back to Square One; We Get a Second Solar Quote

Not 100 percent pleased with the first quote we got for a whole-house solar system, we talked to a second vendor and got another quote.
Solar panels on a roof

Taking our First Steps Towards Serious Solar Power

Pete has a professional solar power installer from a local company out to evaluate the property and discuss solar power options.
An illuminated Tesla logo

Are Electric Vehicles a Good Choice for Preppers?

None of use will every be able to produce our own gasoline, but as solar power costs drop, can we recharge our own electric vehicles post SHTF?
solar panels on a roof. Photo by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay.

Backup Power Considerations for our Prepper Property

There are multiple backup power solutions, but solar is probably the best, if you can afford it. Thankfully, costs re falling.
Laundry on a clothesline

Planning How to Use your Limited Power Resources after the SHTF

Are you prepping for a world with no utilities? What will you do with only a limited supply of power or gasoline?
Hydro power has evolved in the last few hundred years.

Is Micro Hydro Power an Option for our House?

We have multiple streams running along and across our property. Are any of them suitable to hydropower, and hows does it compare to solar?
A map showing potential fallout after a nuclear attack.

New Thoughts on What to Look for when Buying a Prepper...

The world has changed since we bought our prepper property. Here's what I'd look for today I didn't consider back then.