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Living in a blue city increases makes you a potential victim.

Time to Leave the Cesspool

Large cities with liberal governments are already high crime areas, but its going to get worse as more cops leave and fewer criminals get locked up.
homeless man

“The Social Contract has Ruptured”

This article has nothing to do with prepping and everything to do with how fragile society and a city like San Francisco is.
Potatoes in a garden

It’s Time to Raise Some of your Own Food

Raising some of your own food can help you add valuable calories to your diet and and save money, but you need to start now.
A cold, snowy city street.

Super Cold Temps Hit U.S.; How to Stay Warm

As temperatures plunge in New England, there are fears that there might not be enough power generation to meet demand.
Cities are crowded, as this subway station shows. Eduardo Davad from Pixabay.

Urban Prepping is an Oxymoron; Get Out while you Can

If you consider yourself a serious prepper and you live in a large city, you need to re-evaluate your priorities. Increase your odds of survival by leaving.
An empty soup shelf from May 2020

The Dangers of Running out of Stuff

Will the world as we know it come crashing down because of supply chain shortages? It's certainly possible as shortages may persist for years.
Heavy rain in NYC. Photo by Matteo Catanese on Unsplash.

New York Flooding Reminds us why it is Important to Prep...

We have hurricane hunters, weather radar, apps on our phones, and emergency notification, but sometimes things still catch us by surprise.
Hurricane Ida as seen on Saturday, August 20, 2021.

As Hurricane Ida Heads Toward New Orleans, Bugging Out Makes Sense

Hurricane Ida strengthened thanks to warm Gulf water and is expected to make landfall on Sunday night. Damage may be felt across multiple states.
A farm in a valley

Hey Preppers, Why are you Still Living in the City?

While there are plenty of urban preppers, it is the hardest place to prep with the lowest expected survival outcome. in a long-term SHTF disaster.
A warfighter in camo

What Kind of Prepper Are You? Guns vs Food

Guns play a role in preparedness, especially in this day and age. But where do they fall in your priority list? Before or after food?