Three Die Trying to Survive in the Wilderness

Would your odds of survival be any better?

survival cache
This is part of our survival cache at the retreat. We prepositioned supplies there so we could survive.

Perhaps you have heard about the two 40-something sisters and one’s 14-year-old son who decided living in the wilderness would be safer than living in the modern world. They were found dead by hikers, having apparently died from exposure and/or starvation last winter.

My fear is most of the people who plan to bug out and live in the wilderness after the SHTF, will end up “fairly mumified” like these unlucky folks. If that is your bug out plan, what makes you think you will have any better chance of surviving? What skills do you have that can change the outcome? What training have you undertaken that will allow you to survive winter in the wilderness? Do you have a cabin picked out or maybe a cave you hope to live in? Have you made a stash of supplies nearby? Is it enough to live on for months?

The idea that we can take to the woods and survive in the wilderness like our pioneer forefathers did is ridiculous. I doubt one in 1,000 Americans have the skills and fewer still the resources. The idea that you can hike out of the city, pitch a tent, and huddle in your sleeping bag until things get back to normal is a fantasy, not a survival strategy.

If you are planning to bug out, you need a place to go where you will be expected and welcomed. That place also needs to be able to support you if you show up with nothing more than you can carry on your back. Plan ahead, prepare for the worst, and don’t be foolish.

Published 7/27/2023. Read full article.

Three Die Trying to Survive in the Wilderness