Inside the Coming COVID Crackdown

COVID-19 is back.
COVID-19 is coming back.

Have you noticed COVID is creeping back in the news? First, a college requires masks, then a hospital. The Veterans Administration 2024 budget calls for more spending on PPE. Biden is talking about a new shot that may be required for everyone.  

Why, it’s enough to make a suspicious person think they want to lock things down so everyone can vote by mail, even people who haven’t voted for decades or who have been dead for years.

Reports bubble up to the surface about new COVID deaths, but no one says they are probably just a seasonal blip. We’ll continue to see more COVID in the winter, just like we see more colds and flu once the weather turns colder.

COVID Equals Control

Although it took some time, it’s been proven that wearing masks did more harm than good. Expect them to push for masks again, regardless. Keep an eye out for Karens.

Keeping kids home from school also took a toll on children’s education and mental health, but you can look for unions and the government to try to close schools again.

Given the chance, they’ll also try to close churches, kick people out of the military and police departments, and ban nurses and doctors who don’t toe the line. Individual thinkers are not wanted. People who won’t comply need to be purged or cancelled.

Expect them to close restaurants, bars, and movie theaters because if these places are closed for COVID, they won’t be shut down due to the economy. The government can also send more checks to people and pump more money into the economy, blaming the new pandemic rather than Biden’s mismanagement of the economy.

Why will they do all this? Because COVID restrictions are not about stopping the spread, they are about control. That’s why the government wants to re-implement the shutdowns. It’s up to us to fight back. Ignore the mandates. Don’t lock yourself indoors. Refuse to wear a mask. Turn down the shot. Just say no to government control.

Forewarned is Forearmed

You may think this post is premature, but forewarned is forearmed. Keep an eye open in the next few months and you will see what I am talking about. More government pressure to comply with mandates that are “for your own safety.” More restrictions to “keep you safe”. That’s all bogus. Their desire is to keep you controlled for their safety. COVID isn’t a threat to our way of life; we are a threat to the Elite’s way of life and COVID is a convenient excuse to keep us down.

From a prepping standpoint, this may also be a good time to look back at what happened during the 2020 lockdowns and prepare accordingly. We all know toilet paper, antibiotic wipes, and hand sanitizer were in short supply. But do you recall that chicken, beef and bacon saw sharp price increases as meat-packing plants closed? Do you remember what happened to automotive sales? Do you recall the rush to buy firearms and the ammunition shortage? If you think another pandemic is headed our way, use this knowledge to prep ahead of time rather than get caught up in the shortages.

Whether COVID comes back, or a new variety appears, doesn’t matter. What matters is what the government says and how people react. React by ignoring the spin and living your life.


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