France Burns as Violent Riots and Looting Continue

Burning car
Whether parked or underway, cars are not safe in a riot.

France is experiencing riots, looting as bad or worse than the Black Lives Matter/George Floyd riots in the U.S.  According to Zero Hedge, “French interior minister, Gérald Darmanin, said overnight chaos has resulted in 2,000 cars burned, 500 buildings damaged, hundreds of businesses looted, and violent clashes with police. He said over 800 people were arrested, with nearly 250 officers injured. “

Watch the videos included in this article and on Twitter.  There is far more gun violence associated with these riots than we saw in the U.S., despite there being far more gun owners in the U.S.

This should serve as a reminder that a single event can tip the balance and create riots in multiple cities across the country.  Always be prepared.  Read our prior article on how to prepare for riots.

Published 6/30/2023. Read full article and see videos.