Weakness and Infirmity on Display

Biden loses his train of thought and looks confused right before he says "we have beaten Medicare," which made no sense whatsoever.
Biden loses his train of thought and looks confused right before he says "we have beaten Medicare," which made no sense whatsoever.

I try not to delve to deeply into politics too often on these pages, so be warned that I am doing so now.

I am not a huge fan of either party and think the term “uni-party” as it is used by some critics is often on target. However, I can’t hold back when I look at the recent Presidential Debate and how weak and ineffectual Joe Biden looked. Here’s what should frighten preppers the most: if most Americans watching the debate think he looks weak, you know military and political leaders in China, Russia, Iran and North Korea do too.

Any president of any party who is that far gone, who cannot string together a coherent sentence, who freezes and looks lost more often than he looks like he knows what is going on, should either resign or be removed from office. I don’t think that will happen, nor do I think that Kamala Harris is an appropriate replacement, but I don’t think this country will survive another four years of his presidency. And I say this not because of the damage his policies have done, but because that kind of weakness will invite an attack.

Look at what predators attack on the plains: the weak, the infirm, and the elderly. Joe Biden appears to be all three, and his presence as the head of this country and our Commander and Chief will attract predators and may well land us in a war.

His faltering, halting speech and his zoned out face tell a tale that many of have seen in a relative. Sadly, it is a future that we all may face one day as our brains betray us and our minds deteriorate and degrade. But when family members get to that state, we take away their car keys so they don’t crash and their checkbook so they don’t waste their money on scams. Joe’s family—and many White House staffers—appear to still be stuck in the denial stage, when they refuse to admit there’s a problem.

A Gift to Trump

I think Biden will hold on to power as long as he can. He won’t bow out gracefully because he is not a graceful guy. His wife, who may be the power behind the throne, does not want to give up that power. I predict she will resist telling Joe not to run until the pressure mounts much further. Either way, it looks like a contentious national convention for the democrats.

Biden’s poor debate performance and the prospects of a Democratic Party in disarray may well have sealed Trump’s future as our next president. If you believe the polls, none of the other candidates fare as well against Trump as Bide did, emphasis on “did.”

After decades in the Senate, world leaders knew what to expect from Biden. Trump is a wild card, and that unpredictability may help him on the world stage. Is he crazy, or crazy like a fox? That’s what people like Putin will have to figure out.

I agreed with many of Trump’s policies regarding the border, energy, and China. It will be interesting to see if he can right this ship if he becomes president again. If elected, I hope he will clean house and drain the swamp. There is too much government regulation, too many people working at regulatory agencies, and too much government. Most politicians from either party won’t dare to touch the embedded bureaucracies. Maybe Trump will defund them instead of the police.

At Least the Supreme Court isn’t Losing it

While the Supreme Court has two justices in their 70s and three in their 60s, they have it together cognitively; if you doubt me, read a decision by Thomas or Alito, the two oldest members.

This past Friday, the Court made a decision that was obvious to anyone with a smattering of legal knowledge and stopped a law written about intimidating witnesses and destroying documents before trial from being used to convict people for delaying the vote on January 6, 2021.

I am going to post an excellent interpretation of this law in a video below. Watch this and you will see how blatantly abusive the Department of Justice was in its misinterpretation of the law. Yet another example of the weaponization of the justice system and the use of so-called “lawfare” to prosecute those with whom you do not agree. This behavior, often seen in dictatorships and third world countries, has been rampant in the Biden Administration. That alone should be sufficient reason to vote the Dems out and drain the swamp.

Chevron Deference Thrown Out

The same day, the Court released an important decision that overturns Chevron Deference, a concept that might have been good at the time of its creation but has been abused by the executive branch and its administrative agencies. This latter decision should be cheered by congress, which has seen its laws misinterpreted and extended far belong what was intended when the law was written.

The Supreme Court, which is the largest “check and balance” to an out-of-control executive branch and a do-nothing congress, deserves a great deal of credit and support, no matter how much the left tries to drag them down or discredit justices like Clarence Thomas.

Whatever you think about President Trump, the three Supreme Court justices he appointed have played a major role in many recent decisions that have given us more liberty and freedom. This is not the first time the conservative justices have helped stop what many would refer to as “the deep state” from carrying this country even further down the spiral of doom. It is because of this court that we still have second amendment rights and onerous agencies like the EPA are no longer trying to regulate puddles in your back yard and the ATF has not eradicated private gun ownership.

Remember, the constitution exists to limit the power of the government, not the people. It’s about time we started getting back to what the founders intended. Despite the complaints from the liberal justices who want to decide cases based on feelings and public opinion, this kind of conservative judiciary is what we need to help steady the country and put us back on the right track.



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