Our Institutions are Politicized and No Longer Trustworthy

an FBI gun and badge
Having been dragged through the political mud, the FBI is no longer the objective crime-fighting heroes they once were.

We once considered the FBI the premier law enforcement agency in the U.S. and quite possibly the world. Over the past eight years, they have showed that we can no longer trust them.

Likewise, the FDA was the global expert in tracking contagious diseases and stopping them in their tracks. U.S. infectious disease experts were sent to hotspots across the globe to identify disease and help stamp it out. Sadly, the FDA lost much of its credibility when it not only blew the COVID-19 diagnoses, but refused to admit certain inexpensive generic drugs were beneficial and then approved vaccines that have since been shown to increase the risk of heart problems in much of the population. Their stance on masks and lockdowns didn’t help, and neither does their continued promotion new COVID vaccines and boosters.

Then there’s the IRS… Oh wait, we never trusted them. Their abuse of power in not allowing organizations with the words “tea party” in their title to get approved as non-profit entities proved why they never had our trust.

I don’t think anyone ever trusted the BATFE either. They’ve been up to their shenanigans, trying to entrap honest gun owners and dealers, for at least 40 years. Now they are rewriting laws, something only Congress can do, and getting slapped on the wrist or it by the courts. I expect the EPA and many other federal agencies fit into this same “don’t trust” category.

Politics are to Blame

Why are these and many other institutions no longer trusted? Because they became political. The entire idea of a bureaucracy was that it would keep the administrative aspects of the government running regardless of which political party was in charge. Somewhere along the way, the administrative state lost its neutrality and became political. They worked to undermine conservative values, candidates, and ideas while supporting socialism and punishing independence and freedom. Most of them do not exist to ensure your freedoms; the exist to restrict them, regulate them, and often to punish you.

You can see what I am talking about when government agencies prosecute people running cryptocurrency companies and when regulators force companies to disclose how many tons of carbon they and their suppliers create.

The problem exists at the local level as well, where prosecutors decide which laws to enforce and what criminals to let free. That is not what the legislatures or the state constitutions require, but no one seems to be able to stop these rogue officials.

Why Bother Having Rules?

When the Supreme Court issues a decision stating that Americans have the right to carry firearms in public and the state of New York immediately passes a law banning the carrying of weapons in most public spaces, the total disregard politicians and the left for law and order is evident. Why have rules if our politicians feel they are above them?

Likewise, when the governor of New Mexico bans the carrying of weapons in a city, her total disregard for the law is obvious. Yet I suspect she would object if New Mexico citizens stopped following other laws. In her mind, only elected officials can break the rules. Want proof? Look at YouTube videos of mayors, police chiefs and councilmen who get stopped for speeding or DUI. They expect special treatment.

When states such as California and Washington pass laws banning assault weapons and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, despite a series of court cases overturning similar laws as unconstitutional, their disregard for our system of governance and lack of trust of the citizens is clear.

No wonder people don’t trust the government. Both its agencies and the majority of its elected officials refuse to adhere to the Constitution, the single most important document that underlies this country’s entire system of government.

What to Do?

I am tempted to suggest that we the people arrest these elected criminals, try them before a tribunal of citizen judges, and subject them to fines that total every penny they own and physical penalties up to and including death. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that would be constitutional. But then again, they used to tar and feather people…

If politicians and bureaucrats continue to abuse their powers, prosecute innocent people, refuse to prosecute or penalize criminals, and attempt to pass and support unconstitutional laws, those citizen tribunals might come about as part of a revolution.

I’m not calling for people to gather their assault weapons and march on the state or federal capitols, although that time might come. I am calling for people to refuse to obey unconstitutional laws. Perhaps some of the 1 percent who are conservative can create defense funds for individuals who do things like drive across the Pennsylvania border into New York carrying their Glock and an AR-15. I’d like them to defend farmers who sell raw milk to their neighbors and the lady at the farmers’ market who sells baked gods that were not made in a kitchen inspected by the department of agriculture. Or the dog walker who makes more than $600 and doesn’t declare it on their tax return. There are many unconstitutional laws out there; let’s start knocking them out.

I’d also like to see politicians who refuse to do their duty held responsible. Prosecutors who let criminals out with little or no punishment should be held responsible the next time that criminal robs, beats, rapes, or kills someone.

If you can’t bring yourself to prosecute criminals, don’t become a prosecutor. Opt to become a defense attorney instead.

Send them the Criminals

Right now, a few states are sending people who illegally cross our border to cities like Washington, D.C., New York, and Chicago, and it is creating pressure to change the government policies. We should do the same with the homeless who are drug addicts or mentally ill. The government got rid of the psychiatric hospitals, so let’s send the mentally ill who cannot care for themselves to Washington. Let drop them off outside Senators’ houses. Let’s line the homeless vets up outside the Pentagon, so that those in our armed forces can see how poorly their former brothers in arms are being cared for.

Those rich folks who set up the defense fund should also set up LLCs to buy houses down the street from liberal prosecutors and mayors and rent rooms to the drug addicts. Maybe that will help stop the flow of fentanyl or actually result in people getting help, or at least prosecuted. Let’s get some of those zombie drug users and drop them off on Embassy Row or outside the Observatory in Washington.

Who can you Trust?

Chances are, you can trust select family members and friends, at least until they give you a reason not to. For some things, it is best to trust no one. Remember, two people can keep a secret only if one of them is dead, and sometimes not even then. Keep your mouth shut if you have done something that might be criminal, even if it is a minor thing, like not reporting barter income on your taxes. Don’t brag about it and keep a low profile.

Chances are, you can’t trust large companies. They will sell your data, and you, down the river. Don’t trust banks or other financial institutions. Don’t trust PayPal, Square and other online payment processors. Same with Craigslist, eBay, Amazon and other online marketplaces; a warrant is all it takes to get their data. You might be able to trust Apple with your privacy, if you get your phone settings right.

Whatever you do, don’t trust the government. Don’t talk to law enforcement without a lawyer present. Don’t talk to the IRS without an accountant. In fact, have your lawyer or accountant talk to them while you exercise your right to remain silent. Lawyers and accountants can be expensive, but they can also be worth their weight in gold. Having an accountant do your taxes will reduce the chance that you make a small stupid mistake and an investigation uncovers a large, intentional “mistake.”

Can you trust your lawyer and your accountant? Yes, as long as you pay their bill.

Can you trust in cash? For now. But trust more in gold and silver. If our institutions fail, the dollar won’t be far behind.