Is World War III Growing Closer in Europe?

A ground war in Europe will be brutal if it expands beyond Ukraine.
A ground war in Europe will be brutal if it expands beyond Ukraine.

There has been a great deal of talk about the war in Ukraine widening as Russia makes headway and NATO countries seem ready to step in and help Ukraine. The Europeans are clearly preparing for a broader ground war, tightening their borders, building bunkers, and buying tanks and munitions. But as the threat of a new ground war in Europe grows, so does the danger of an air war. I can’t see the U.S. getting involved without using its most powerful weapon — stealth fighters, supported by a broader array of airborne assets.

Should the war escalate to the point where Putin feels threatened or that lines have been crossed, the likelihood Russia will use tactical nuclear weapons also grows. And once the nuclear genie is out of the bottle, no one knows what will happen next, only that is won’t be good.

You can take this article from the Daily Mail with a grain of salt as they have been anti-Russian from day one, but that doesn’t mean the information they present as facts is inaccurate. (Similar stories ran in the Telegraph and Zero Hedge.) I have no doubt European nations are planning ways to move troops and equipment to the front. The only question is, will these plans be put into action this year, several years down the road, or will they be unused and put back on the shelf?

Published 6/4/2024. Read the full article.


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