Are you Scared Yet? Psyop or Psy-Flop?

Sunrise in space
Is there really a super-secret Russian space weapon, or is this an Administration plan to distract us from Biden's age and mental decline?

In what can only be called a poorly executed psyop, the United States Government has tried to scare the American people by claiming Russia has, or will soon have, some super-secret space technology that puts us all in danger. Apparently, their Satan II missile and Russia’s fleet of hypersonic missiles are not sufficiently scary, so the government had to come up with a new threat to justify its existence and try to redirect American’s attention from the failures of the Biden Administration.

I think they expected something like this to happen:

Cable News Reporter: “In another gaff, President Biden today referred to the King of Jordan as the Queen of England before trying to shake hand with a ficus tree. He then—oh wait, I’m being told there is an important breaking news story about an alarming potential threat to the United States. Let’s go live to our Capitol Hill reported for this distracting, I mean breaking, news…”

But their psyop was a psy-flop. Too many people didn’t care. Even more people said, “You fooled us once with COVID-19 and face masks, you aren’t going to fool us again with this space nonsense.”

Crying Wolf

I think the government has cried wolf frequently enough that no one believes them. Until people go outside and see the contrails of rockets rising into the air or see or hear the explosions of bombs bursting, Americans won’t be overly concerned about government warnings that Russia is dangerous. We’ve heard Russia threaten and bluster for two years. Our government is jumping on the bandwagon too late.

I’m not one of those who believes Taylor Swift is a government op, but if they can use a story to distract the American public, they will. And what better than the world’s biggest pop star and arguable one of the best tight ends in the country who keeps winning Super Bowls?


Look around: Here’s what I see:

  • Inflation is not dropping fast enough, and no one believes Bidenomics is making their lives better
  • Electric vehicle sales are slumping
  • The Green agenda is failing as countries and companies pull back on commitments, from halting off-shore wind power projects to letting farmers burn diesel
  • DEI is falling out of favor and companies that go woke really are going broke
  • Because of Biden’s policies and executive orders, the border is leaking like a sieve and the country is being overrun by military-age males from China, the Middle East, and South America
  • The FBI has warned sheriffs that there are more red flags now than before 9/11 and China has safe houses in every state
  • Layoffs are up, even in the tech sector
  • Government spending is up, but no one feels wealthy except, you guessed it, those that were already wealthy
  • Crime is not only up, it is in your face, even in Washington, DC.
  • Biden’s gun control laws keep getting shot down by the courts and gun sales keep rising
  • The Supreme Court looks to be on the verge of allowing Trump on the Colorado ballot and also appears to be taking Trump’s claim of presidential immunity seriously
  • The Justice Department just declared Biden a well-meaning, forgetful, elderly man who is not competent to stand trial

Can you blame the White House for trying to change the narrative? Here’s what I imagine happened:

Somewhere Inside the White House

White House Aide 1: “We need a good war. Somebody dust off that old Wag the Dog script and see if we can freshen it up.”

White House Aid 2: “Darn those pesky Russians for starting their war so early. If Vlad had held off two years, we’d have this election locked up.”

White House Intern: “There’s always Israel and Hamas.”

White House Aid 1: “Nah, that doesn’t play to his base. Besides, they might sink our carrier. That would sink his presidency!”

White House Aid 2: “Interns don’t make policy; you’re just here to let Joe sniff your hair.”

White House Intern: Jots a note in her phone for the tell-all book she is planning to write about the dysfunctional Biden White House and Joe’s strange proclivities.

What It All Means

I expect we’ll find out what’s really happening in the next week, but not until the weekend news shows get to have some talking heads on to speculate about it.  Once the “truth” is revealed, we can decide for ourselves if we should panic or prep.  Or just shrug and go on with our lives.