Liberals Suddenly Want to Own Guns

A man fires a gun at an indoor gun range
A man fires a gun at an indoor gun range

Three days ago, I talked about the policies of liberals coming home to roost. One interesting side effect of rising crime (caused by the defund the police movement) is that liberals are suddenly trying to get up to speed on gun ownership. Since these folks have consciously shut out every accurate bit of information about guns and gun safety, they are clueless. They will be the worst gun owners ever, prone to shoot themselves or someone else.

Friends of my wife were considering buying a gun because of rising crime in their neighborhood. They wanted to see our guns, so we showed them three. They blinked in surprise when I pulled the .38 revolver out of my pocket and ejected the rounds out on the coffee table. It surprised them to know that I was carrying a gun every time they had ever seen me.

The net result of our show and tell?

Her: “I don’t think I’d want one in my house. I’d be afraid I would hurt myself.”

Me: “Then you definitely shouldn’t own a gun.”

Her: “I thought you were in favor of gun ownership?”

Me: “I am in favor of responsible gun ownership. It doesn’t sound like you would make a confident, responsible gun owner who could shoot someone in self-defense.”

Her: Silence

Him: “I had no idea and AR-15 was so heavy.”

Me: “Um aghgh.” That last bit was the sound of me biting my tongue, so I didn’t tell him the AR was a small, lightweight rifle.

Rights come with Responsibilities

Obviously, I am all in favor of people owning guns and I support their right to self-defense no matter what your political beliefs. I just wish non-gun people would understand that guns are not a magic talisman that you wave and the threatening problem disappears.

I would not own a venomous snake without doing some research and practicing my snake-handling skills with non-venomous snakes. You shouldn’t buy a gun unless you have or are willing to do the same. Training is critical.

Gun Ownership is a Responsibility, not a Panacea

Every morning, I put on my gun, flashlight, folding knife and two reloads at the same time I put my keys, phone and money clip in my pocket. I pick out my clothes and my belt based on what gun I am carrying. Every couple of weeks, I blow the lint out of my pocket holster and inspect and clean my gun. A couple times a year, I shoot my carry ammo, give the gun a good scrubbing, and replace the old bullets with new rounds. I also own target stands and steel targets and practice shooting in my front yard. Before I could do that, I went to the range.

Why do I do this? Because owning a gun is a responsibility and carrying a gun is an even greater one. Most people who run out and buy a gun because there is a rash of robberies in the area don’t understand that. They won’t buy a lock-box and won’t practice with their gun. Many will never fire it and leave it in their beside table or their glove compartment. It will make them feel safe, even though they won’t remember to rack the slide or take it off safe if a bad guy ever does kick in their door or tries to carjack them.

If they point a gun at a home invader two things will happen: The home invader will turn and run, or he will shoot first. Meanwhile, Mr. or Mrs. untrained Liberal will tighten their finger on the trigger, wondering why the gun doesn’t go bang. Training builds muscle memory and good habits. If you ever need your gun, you will need those.

Lost and Stolen Guns

When gun owners are irresponsible about storing their weapons, it increases the chance that their gun will be stolen. Then it will be sold on the street, contributing to the very rise in gun violence that caused the liberal buy to a gun in the first place. It’s also casual gun owners like this who forget to secure their gun when their grand kids come to play, which can lead to tragedy.

Gun owners who do not train, do not know what gun safety entails, and are unwilling to treat their firearm with the respect it deserves give the rest of us all a bad name.

But we’re used to that. Liberals have been calling us bad names for years.