Prepper News January 28: Big Food Raises Prices

prepper news update
prepper news update

Kraft Heinz, the maker of not just cheese and ketchup but many more food items, including cold cuts, hot dogs, Kool-Aid and Maxwell House Coffee, said it would raise its process from 6.6 percent to 30 percent in March. That’s their second price increase in six months, and they are not alone. Check out this article for details on other companies that are rising prices. Your future shopping trips are about to get more expensive.

“Milkflation” is Coming

This article from Zero Hedge warns that the price of milk is on its way up because of tighter milk production and record export volumes. We don’t drink milk, but our grandchild does. Tough time to be a parent when prices are rising like this.

Bird Flu Hits East Coast

Laboratory tests detected H5N1, a version of bird flu, in wild birds in both North and South Carolina, according to this article from Wired Magazine, of all places. This version of bird flu, which is spread and carried by some waterfowl, kills chickens. It can infect people where it is lethal in more than half its victims.

As a guy who raises chickens, this is a concern to me, even though we live remotely and waterfowl are uncommon in my area. If my chickens sicken and die, it will take five or six months to rebuild the flock until the chickens are old enough to lays again.

For those who eat chicken or eggs, it might be a good time to stock your freezer. Bird Flu could wipe out or require culling or millions of birds, leaving no chickens or eggs on store shelves. All across Europe, millions of chickens and other domestic birds have already died or were killed to prevent the spread of illness. The U.S. is trying to keep it at bay, but that is nigh impossible due to migratory birds.

The Rich want More Protection from Violent Crime

This article confirms what we’ve been talking about for some time now: The rich will spend money on gate communities, private security, and body guards, but let the rest of us become victims. These are the same people who vote for and support the “catch and release” prosecutors who are soft on crime.

Inflation and a recession are going to make crime even worse in 2022. You think it is bad now, wait until follow-home burglars come after you not for the type of car you drive but based on how many groceries you loaded into it at the store.


  1. The roads are out of control. The crime is out of control. The border is out of control. This country is hanging by a THREAD!!!!

    No one around me thinks any of this is true though. They are fast asleep still. Mass formation psychosis is REAL, and I think 30-40% are infected. In “a parasitic mind” by Gad Saad, he explains it all, and when combined with mattias desmet‘s research and you get hundreds of millions of brainwashed drones.
    They are doing all of this by controlling their 30%! That same 30% have been covid tested at a much higher clip than the rest of us. The elites are using the brainwashed to bring us all down!!! 30% is enough, more than enough! And they have been activated . Total drones

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