Liberals and their “Rules for Thee but not for Me” Mentality

Crime Scene
Crime is rising in many cities and socialists don't seem to care.

The liberals in Hollywood are all in favor of gun control and defunding the police until rich people in Beverly Hills become crime victims. Frightened, they rush out to buy the very guns they don’t want you to own. Then they find out California has a 10-day waiting period. Oh, and that waiting period doesn’t begin until after you get your FBI NICS approval. To bad; so sad.

Likewise, liberal politicians in Chicago and Philadelphia who are staunch supporters of gun control get carjacked. Stranger yet, the Illinois House Speaker’s husband fired shots at their carjackers, although he missed. This raises two questions: First, is anyone surprised that the BLM-supporting, defund-the-police politician wants her husband to have a gun for self-defense, but won’t allow her constituents to exercise the same rights? Second, wouldn’t firing at carjackers who are running away and no longer a threat be considered a crime? It would if you or I did it.

This is an example of the “Rules for thee, but not for me” approach practiced by liberals in positions of power. For example, Kamala Harris reportedly owns a gun, but doesn’t think you or I should. Joe Biden says to fire a shotgun into the air if we are troubled by prowlers. In most cities, that’s a crime; there must be an exemption for liberal politicians.

That “I’m too important to obey the rules” mentality eventually leads to resentment. When it is “Parties without masks for me but mandates for thee,” people get angry. When it one day becomes “Food for me but not for thee,” we’re going to see the swamp get drained by force in a brutal uprising that makes the French Revolution look like a peaceful protest.

Problems Coming Home to Roost

I can’t help but find it amusing when the very problems average citizens have been complaining about for years (like high crime) start to affect the rich and powerful. For example, if every politician in New York was forced to take the subway to work, I have no doubt they would get cleaned up, smell better, and have less crime. But that won’t happen because while “Unsafe subways are OK for thee, but the elite take an SUV in a convoy of three.”

Likewise, homelessness got little attention until they moved drug-addled and mentally ill homeless people into hotels in high end neighborhoods and they started harassing the (rich) area residents.

While most of us could predict the inevitable result of defunding the police, liberals did not see that it would result in more crime. To them, defunding the police sounded like a good idea because liberals lack the ability to reason. They work on empathy, not facts. They do what feels good, not what works. Why else would they endorse the failed policies of socialism?

Years ago, I was told a conservative was a liberal who got mugged. Because of rising crime, New York elected a tough-on-crime mayor. We’ll have to see if the crime situation in any of these other liberal cesspools turns any of the residents into conservatives who vote with their brain rather than their heart. Maybe next time they’ll also elect a prosecutor who will actually prosecute criminals instead of slapping them on the wrist.