I’m The Problem with America

White male with a 1911 pistol
White male with a 1911 pistol

If you ask the folks in Washington, I’m the problem with America. I may live in the middle of nowhere, not bothering anyone, on my 20 acres of mountain, but that doesn’t get me off the hook.

You see, I’m a middle-aged white male, therefore I must be overflowing with white privilege and be inherently racist. I own guns and body armor, so I must be violent. Add those two up and their conclusion is that I must be a violent racist, even though nothing could be further from the truth.

I own a few pieces of camouflage clothing and I’m a prepper, leading them to conclude I’m probably in a militia. But not just any militia. Because they’ve already classified me as a white racist, that makes it a white supremacist militia. So what if one family in our prepper group was black? The leftists will call them Uncle Toms, because while they won’t tolerate name-calling from me, it’s fine when they do it. The left hates many people, but they hate no one as much as they hate minorities who refuse to stay in their pigeonholes.

This is how the leftists think, and because they are programming the algorithm, their computers look at the available data and put me on their list as a violent, racist, male, white supremacist.

I’m betting some of my readers are in the same situation. I guess you’re part of the problem, too.

Don’t Forget Sexist

When I worked in corporate America, I rose to a position of power. It doesn’t matter that I started washing dishes, what matters is that I worked my way up to Vice President. I supervised people, and some of them were women. Therefore, the liberals assume I sexually harassed them. (Apparently, it’s impossible for a white male to hire women without basing our hiring decision on their breast size and expecting favors in return.) I married a co-worker, so they probably think I coerced her into dating me by using my position of authority. She didn’t work for me, but since when do leftists let facts get in the way of their assumptions?

I may have hired women, minorities, and immigrants from South American and Eastern Europe, but that doesn’t make me any better I their eyes. No, the libs will assume I was taking advantage of these minorities by underpaying them compared to the white employees I also hired. It doesn’t matter that my highest paid employee was a first-generation immigrant; we’re dealing with appearances and suppositions, not facts.

Over the years, I also fired people. Sometimes it was for blatant offenses like stealing or repeatedly not showing up for work; other times, it was for poor performance. No doubt they think I should have been more understanding because they believe not showing up for work and stealing is justified by having come from a minority group that was repressed for generations. And the white folks I fired? Well, they were poor white trash that were taking jobs away from a minority candidate. I should never have hired them in the first place, even if they were the best-qualified candidate.

I’m No Criminal

Regardless of what “thought crimes” the left thinks I have committed, I lived my whole life without being arrested. I never even got a traffic ticket. Those two times I got off with a warning must have been because I was white. I’m sure the fact that I was polite, respectful, and admitted nothing is immaterial.

I consider myself to be someone who knows right from wrong and is not willing to sully his name and reputation by taking illegal shortcuts. The liberals look at my pristine record and assume I’m just too slick to get caught. They won’t hesitate to break the law if they think they can get away with it, so they assume everyone else must be like that, too. I’ve got news for the left: Some of us are honorable and trustworthy, even if you think those are foreign concepts.

The fact that I have money in the bank and retired before turning 65 is another example of my inherent white privilege. Having a side gig and working 60 hours a week for 20 years had nothing to do with it. The fact that I didn’t buy new cars, tried to stay out of debt, and made smart decisions are just examples of the secret advantages that I had because I was raised in a privilege environment. I guess driving around in the backseat of a used Ford station wagon with a school teacher and a typesetter for parents screams “privilege.”

Squeeze Me

The socialists in Congress and the Executive Branch look at me and see a source of taxes. Biden wants to raises my taxes, even though I have never made anywhere close to Biden’s $400,000 a year. Someone has to pay for their over-the-top spending on social programs.

They see that I own property and the lust for a way to take it from me like I am a South African farmer. My property taxes can never be high enough to satisfy those folks, no matter how fast inflation grows. Like Obama said, I didn’t build that.

After they rob the top 1 percent, they’ll aim for the top 10 percent. Then the top 50 percent. Before you know it, anyone with a job will be supporting two or three families, even if they’re single. Because that’s how socialism works.

One day, I’ll start collecting social security; I expect that will really piss them off. I paid FICA for 39 years, but they all know that money would be better spent going to widows and orphans, single parents, homeless drug addicts, and the disabled. It’s a good thing the elderly are an important voting block or the very people that paid the most into Social Security would get the least out of it.

They also want to regulate me and tell me what I can and cannot do. Force me to drive an electric car. Try to ban my wood stove. Make me use an electric chainsaw. They want me to treat my spring water with potentially harmful chemicals before I drink it, even though people have been drinking this pristine water for decades with no ill effects.

I’m Irredeemable

I know that nothing I can do will change their minds about me. I could renounce firearms, become a Muslim, and run a charity helping recent convicts find jobs, but it would not be enough to please the left. It wouldn’t change the automatic assumptions they make.

So I’m just going to keep on being me. The leftists in Washington and other woke cities can hate me and resent me, but they can’t stop me. They can tax me and regulate me, but I’ve got an accountant and a lawyer, and we’re fighting back. I’m too old and set in my ways to be “re-educated” like a Chinese victim of the Communist Party. When they knock on my door, I will not go gentle into that good night.

Maybe some of you will cave in, figure it’s easier to go along to get along, but that won’t work. You’ll always be a second-class citizen to them, and now a non-entity to us. So stick to your guns, figuratively and literally. The day may come when that’s the only way we’ll be able to keep America from looking like Nazi Germany.


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