We Need a Strong President

President Biden as seen in this photo released by the White House
President Joe Biden, joined by Vice President Kamala Harris, delivers remarks on the COVID-19 National Month of Action on Wednesday, June 2, 2021, in the South Court Auditorium in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building at the White House. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

I am amazed at how the country defines itself by its president and is viewed by others through the lens of the man in the oval office.

When we have a brash president, we are considered a brash country that might do anything from canceling a treaty to nuking an enemy. When we have a weak president, we are considered a weak country that can be taken advantage of.

Since Joe Biden was took office a year ago, our armed forces have not become less effective, but we are perceived as weaker because our president goes on TV several times a week and broadcasts his weakness for all the world to see. Joe Biden the candidate stayed in his basement. I cannot help but think the country would be better off if he had stuck with that strategy. Better a recluse than an incompetent or a doddering fool.

When the president cannot keep his party together, we are seen as a country divided. When it is taken for granted that the opposing party will sweep both houses of congress in the next election, he might as well be a lame duck; his chance of passing a partisan bill is over.

We Need a Strong President

This country needs a strong, respected president who can carry his or her party and win grudging respect from the opposing party. We need a decisive president who can make a decision and stick with it. How many times we see Biden say something, only to be corrected by his staff or to change his mind later? That’s not presidential or effective. We need a president who is a leader, not a wishy-washy figurehead that says what he thinks someone wants to hear rather that the truth they need to hear.

Most importantly, we need an effective president who can be everyone’s president. I’m not sure who that is, but it has been no one in office in the past twenty years, nor is it Kamala Harris. It certainly isn’t Hillary Clinton.

Is a Strong President Even Possible?

The question we should ask ourselves is not who might that candidate be, but if our current situation will even allow such a person to climb to the top of their party’s ticket? We consider ourselves to have a two political parties, but it is more accurate to say we have four: the moderate democrats, the progressive wing of their party, the conservative republicans and the moderate Republicans sometimes referred to as RINOs. As a result, no one branch is strong enough to get their candidate elected. We end up with a compromise candidate. Joe Biden won not because he was a strong candidate but because he was the compromise candidate on the left and he got the “anyone but Trump” vote. (Some would argue he won because of vote-counting shenanigans that involved suitcases and took place after midnight.)

I think it may be our lot to be saddled with weak, ineffective presidents who do not know how to lead because they are the lowest common denominator and the most likely to get votes. Leaders who are bold and say what they think make enemies, even if most Americans agree with them. They get attacked by the media for their positions, and they get censored by social media giants for telling unpopular truths. It is as if the system has been designed to prevent us from having a strong leader. Politicians who bend with the prevailing wind get elected and find they no longer know how to stand straight and tall.

What this Means for the Future

This means that the country’s downhill slide will continue. Slowly but surely, we are being destroyed from within, a task that could not be accomplished by an external enemy. We are moving towards more and more resentment of the upper class by the lower class until the wealthy will live in walled compounds and be guarded by armed security personnel. (Look around; we are almost there already.)

We are moving from a time when anyone interested in working could get a job to one where no one wants to work, where they would prefer to sit at home, smoke pot and play video games while collecting basic sustenance from the government. When guaranteed basic income becomes a thing, you can bet it won’t be the rich hiding behind their tax shelters in their compounds or on their yachts that pay for it. No, it will be the middle class, which is getting squeezed from both directions.

Look at any dystopian book or movie and you will see that an oppressive government needs three things: monetary control, military control, and information control. Our government has control over the money and under Joe Biden is trying to enhance that by gaining visibility into your bank account and hiring tens of thousands of IRS agents. They already have control over the military, but the Second Amendment is preventing them from exercising it against its citizens. Their control over information is growing, thanks to social media. Just look at the entire COVID-19 situation and see how the government and their handmaidens at Facebook. YouTube and Twitter controlled the message, suppressed opposing viewpoints, and shutdown anyone who disagreed, including highly educated scientists and doctors.

What to Do

I think the most important thing you can do to preserve your personal freedom and our freedom as a society is to buy and stockpile guns and ammo, to train, and to train others.

Then, question what you hear and don’t take the mainstream media’s word for anything. Look for the story behind the story and ask yourself who benefits from certain policies and decisions.

Next, continue to prepare. A weak president may invite an attack. A socialist government is not beyond using food as a weapon to enforce compliance. Food shortages are already here. Don’t expect the socialist to waste an opportunity like that.

Fourth, develop a way to make money outside the traditional five-shifts-a-week job in which you work for someone else. Start a side gig. Turn your hobby into a money-making enterprise. Become self -employed. Free yourself from the system and take advantage of the tax breaks available to small companies.

Increase your self-sufficiency so you are less reliant on others. This will benefit you in a collapse, but it may also benefit you during the long downhill slide. Growing food or raising livestock, for example, can feed your family and provide an income opportunity. Cutting your own firewood means you never have to pay another gas bill. That’s one kind of freedom.


  1. Trump could’ve been GREAT. But he went establishment right away, running away from his campaign promises…. which coincidentally, will be most of the same campaign promises he will try to use again.

    But no one is saving this country from what’s ahead. I don’t think we have presidential elections as normal come 2024.

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