Why Truck Drivers are the New Freedom Fighters

An 18-wheeler
An 18-wheeler at sunrise

To many Canadians and Americans, the truckers protesting in Ottawa and other places across Canada are freedom fighters.

To the mayor of Ottawa, they are invaders, an occupying force, and he declared an emergency to “deal” with them. The chair of the Ottawa City Council said the city is “under siege,” despite not a gun being fired. She called it “a nationwide insurrection” and dubbed the participants “terrorists.”

Imagine being called a terrorist because you drove your vehicle into a city, parked it on the street, and honked your horn.

A Non-Violent Insurrection?

The dictionary defines an insurrection as “a violent uprising against an authority or government.”

The same dictionary says a terrorist is “a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.”

So far, the truckers have not used violence. They have been peaceful–not “mostly peaceful” like Antifa protesters–but non-violent. There has been no arson and no looting. No one has tried to overthrow the government, depose Prime Minister Trudeau, or to replace the duly elected representatives with their own candidates.

Let’s imagine instead that the truckers all carried firearms and used their trucks as weapons. Instead of blocking traffic, picture 18-wheelers rolling up to the parliament buildings, running over barricades, and smashing their way into the Senate and House of commons. Think what would happen if armed men poured out of the trucks, shot anyone who resisted and then lined up everyone they could find and killed them all in a firing squad.

That is what an insurrection looks like.

Let’s take this frightening story to the next level and imagine the truckers planted bombs and blew up the buildings as they drove out of town. Then they published a manifesto on social media saying that they would take over and blow up two government buildings per day until the government dropped the mask mandates.

That is what terrorism would look like.

The protests in Ottawa are simply that: protests. Let’s not elevate the honking for horns to the same level as bullets and bombs, no matter how annoying the Ottawa residents find them. This is not Sarajevo, and these are no snipers.

This is not a Revolution

A revolution is defined as “A forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favor of a new system.” No one is trying to overthrow the government and there has been no use of force. The truckers son’t want to replace elected officials with their own appointees, they want to restore order. They want a return to normalcy and to correct policies that most thinking people now realize did little or nothing to protect the populace, caused great economic and social harm, and, in hindsight, were a colossal mistake.

You could say that the truckers are leading a thought revolution; they are fighting back against a scary story and their horns are trying to wake people up to what is real versus what is a false narrative. For example, read this article by a Canadian journalist who vacationed in Florida and was aghast at the non-masking, open restaurants, and crowded bars. The author doesn’t seem to realize than his piece illustrates how quickly and thoroughly the Canadian Government has tricked Canadians into believing that these restrictions and mandates are good for them with no actual proof. In my opinion, it also shows that there are just as many, if not more, “sheople” in Canada as there are in the U.S.

Standing up for Freedom

I am glad to see the truck drivers stand up for freedom. They are in a powerful position because society cannot function without them. I wonder how Ottawa would fare if the truck drivers said, “OK, we will leave, but we’ll never make another delivery to Ottawa.” I’m guessing the city would beg truck drivers to come back in a week or two when the shelves were empty because of a lack of deliveries.

The next time Joe Biden downplays the threat of a revolution because the people don’t have F15s and nuclear weapons, he should remember that there are more than 3 million truck drivers in the U.S. Their continuous circulation along the interstates and secondary roads are as important to the United States as are the red blood cells circulating through your veins. Cut off that circulation, and the country will grow weak and die.


  1. Being a solid Conservative Trump supporter, I have a problem with drivers blocking traffic. It’s the same problem I had with those on the left that blocked traffic on California freeways, and the demonstrations in the Northwest by leftist organizations. These kind of actions by anyone create problems for the general public trying to go about their normal daily activities, including potential deaths resulting from the inability of ambulances to take their normal routes when saving lives are the object. I believe it’s wrong to impact our society with these kind of actions.

  2. Everyone will regret supporting this protest within a year. Wait until our cities are crammed with vehicle protestors during the next left wing riots, it will be chaos. And they will say that we set the precedent.

    I’m not saying that I don’t support them, I definitely do, but they will take this tactic and supercharge it. We will regret this, because they will kill people with their madness .

    I hate what this world is coming to. I need to keep praying

    • While I also agree that mandatory injections and mask usage is wrong, unhappy people need to find a better way to demonstrate their objections and feelings than obstructing EVERYONE’S rights to live a normal life.

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