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This is the target I used to zero the rifle at 40 yards.

I Modernize my Truck Gun to Meet Today’s Threats

I decided it was time to upgrade my truck gun to something that could engage multiple thin-skinned opponents rather than other vehicles.
A pick up truck on the road

A Travel Survival Pack or Get Home Kit

When you are out of town, you have to carry your survival supplies with you. Are you equipped to walk home after a disaster?
a tanker truck

Trucking During Inflation and High Diesel Prices

If the high cost of diesel is keeping trucks off the road, I could not tell on a recent road trip. Truck traffic remains high.
An 18-wheeler

Why Truck Drivers are the New Freedom Fighters

Ottawa is far more upset about non-violent truckers than Portland was about Antifa rioters attacking the police and taking over part of their city. Hmm.
Containers in a port

Road Trip Report: Gas Shortages and Lots of Trucks

We get a good look at the Southern states, mask compliance, gasoline shortages, the economy, and eat plenty of biscuits.
Make sure your vehicle is prepared for snowy weather and other survival situations.

Prepper Diary January 12: How to be Prepared When you...

As the snow sets in again, we prep our vehicles to help us stay warm and well fed if we are stranded or need to walk home.
A Chevy Colorado

Prepper Diary December 30: I Finally Buy a New Truck

We finally reached the point where it was getting tough to live without a pickup truck. They are just so useful around rural property.
Popcorn in a bowl with a Christmas tree in the background. Photo by Jill Wellington from Pixabay.

Prepper Diary December 2: More on the Move, the Truck, and...

It's a busy week at Pete's house as the move gets closer, COVID-19 gets worse, and he still needs a new truck.
Moving boxes

Prepper Diary November 29: Truck Travails and Making Moves

Our impending move is made more challenging by the destruction of my pickup truck, but we persevere by renting a Ram 1500.
Heading home on mountain roads.

Prepper Diary November 25: Now I Gotta Buy a New Truck

In the aftermath of the car crash, Pete heads home and embarks on some truck shopping.