When Did American Become a Third World Country?

As the country draws ever closer to socialism, there is one thing keeping us from falling into the quagmire of socialism: Privately owned firearms.

  • Rolling power outages
  • Seeming endless riots and protests
  • The media acts like mouthpieces for the government
  • The rich get richer while the poor get poorer
  • People who complain or speak out lose their platform to do so
  • Government spokespeople threaten reporters
  • There are shortages and long wait lists to obtain goods
  • Government gun confiscation and bans
  • Large numbers of people wait in food lines
  • High unemployment and massive deficits
  • Politicians want to lock up people they disagree with

At any other time, I’d say the above are signs you are living in a third world socialist country. Today, it’s just life in these United States.

I find that frightening.

In just these last few decades, this country has slid so far down the slope towards socialism that it is hard to think we will not soon be a third world socialist country heading to the inevitable collapse. We could be the Venezuela of the Northern Hemisphere. Or maybe we will wall off California and a few major cities and let them become the East Germany of the United States. (And if you don’t know what that means, get a world history book written before the year 2000 and look it up.) 

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How to Be More Independent and Why it will Make You a Better Prepper

The path of a prepper is not an easy one. You must be an independent thinking, and able to act on your own when others don’t or won’t.

It’s hard to be a prepper if you are always dependent on someone else.  You need to be able to provide critical prepping supplies for yourself and your loved ones: Food, water, shelter, self-defense, first aid, and communications.  If you don’t have the resources or the ability to do this, then prepping is just an unrealized dream.  But start small and take small steps until you build up some momentum.  Done right, you can make strides towards being more independent and a better prepper.

Look at your preps.  Maybe you can only provide food and water for three days because all your preps are what you own in your bug out bag.  And that’s OK; everyone has to start somewhere.  So you can be independent for three days.  What can you do to extend that time period?

Maybe you can stock up at the grocery store, and soon have three weeks of food.  Maybe you can have a full pantry and then buy some long-term storage food to tuck under your bed.  That might give you the ability to be independent for three months.

But there is more to independence than being able to provide food and shelter.  Let’s take a look at these critical components to becoming independent.

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