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An Israeli flag

Brace for War in the Middle East

The latest airstrike killed multiple Iranian senior officers and make jump start a war in the Middle East. Are you prepared for that?
F16 fighter jet

Russia Threatens to Attack NATO Airbases

If the Ukrainian F16 fighter jets operate out of NATO airbases outside Ukraine, Putin says he will consider them "legitimate targets."
A dystopian future might await us.

How to Face the Three Threats

A dystopian future caused by war, political strife, and economic collapse might await us. How can we prepare to survive that?
The debt clock is ever increasing,

It’s Looking Pretty Ugly Out There

Between politics, the economy and world affairs, it’s looking pretty ugly out there. War looms, inflation rises, and politics degrades us.
A building in Ukraine destroyed in the war with Russia.

Two Years in and the War in Ukraine is Escalating

Have you noticed that the war is Ukraine is getting more attention, and not for good reasons? Things may be getting worse.
prepper news update

Poverty is the Parent of Revolution, Crime and War

What happens when you have a weak economy, a weak president and strong enemies? It isn't good.
Sunrise in space

Are you Scared Yet? Psyop or Psy-Flop?

Is there really a super-secret Russian space weapon, or is this an Administration plan to distract us from Biden's age and mental decline?
Seoul, South Korea, lies just 24 miles South of the border with North Korea.

Korea Preparing for Nuclear War

As North Korea becomes more aggressive and antagonistic towards South Korea, the possibility of a nuclear attack cannot be ignored.
A city destroyed in war

War and Conflict Seem to be our Natural State

War destroys, but it also creates. Conflict drives innovation. But that doesn't mean is is easy; there is a price to be paid.
A city under attack.

What do the Europeans Know that We Don’t?

There have been lots or warning from European leaders about impending war. What do they know that we don't, and should we listen to them?