The Pickled Prepper
Two boxes of Zatarains rice

We Find Time to Prep as Food Shortage Looms

Walmart continues to be well stocked and while prices are up, there are still good buys to be found for preppers
A woman blows her nose while sick in bed.

How to Minimize Illness After the SHTF

Today, strep throat or a minor infection are easily dealt with. That won't be the case after a SHTF incident when there are no doctors or hospitals.
Two fish on a plate. Image by DanaTentis from Pixabay.

A Simple Economic Model Illustrating Inflation

To really understand the impact of inflation on the economy, let's boil it down to the basics and take a close look.
Anti-war, Anti-Putin protestors

Russia is Dooming us All with its Ukraine War

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has already resulted in the Ruble crashing and runs on Russian banks, but it will be no picnic for the rest of us as the war drags us closer to a global collapse
survival cache

Ten Unusual and Unexpected Things you will Want After the SHTF

Some preps are obvious, others less so. Here is Pete's list of 10 unusual preps things that are not on the normal top ten prepping lists.
man repairing a lawnmower

Should Preppers Know how to Fix Small Engines?

If the ships stop sailing, how long will you be able to keep your generator, chain saw, or other small engines running?
bottle of prescription medicine.

Diseases to Fear After the SHTF, Part 2

After the SHTF, antibiotics will be scarce and OTC meds will run out. Are you prepared to diagnose and treat common illnesses and deadly diseases?
The Japanese attack Pearl Harbor may have been the catalyst of the United States to enter WWII, but the war began more than two years prior when Germany invaded Poland.

The Start of the Next World War

Will historian consider February 24, 2022, the start of World War III? Conditions seem ripe for the war in Ukraine to spread.
Bees on a frame

A New, Local Queen and Bees to Strengthen our Hive

When we went to pick up the bee hive components I had ordered, we found a source for local queens and bees to help our hive start off strong.
A well-used pair of leather work gloves

Seven Unusual Items Preppers Should Stock

There are lots of lists of items you need for survival, but this one unusual gear you will need at your retreat months into a TEOTWAWKI situation.