The Pickled Prepper
bad news

Keep Prepping in the Face of Bad News

Do not to let the news distract you or get you down. Concentrate on keeping your family safe, housed, clothed, shod, and fed. In other words, prep.
A slice of bread with honey

Long Term Storage Foods: Why Ingredients are Better than Mixes

We picked up some of old long-term storage food from our retreat this weekend, and it demonstrated why storing just-add-water mixes is a bad idea.
Man with gas mask and gun in a wasteland

A Survivalist by Any Other Name

There are lots of names for prepping, some may be vaguely threatening or sound darker than others, but in the end, we are all preparing to survive the collapse.
The LED Light (on right) is brighter than the incandescent bulb lantern

LEDs: The Prepper’s Bright Little Friend

In a TEOTWAWKI situation, you’ll need bright, efficient, robust lighting. LED lights are the answer.
an artists rendering of buildings after being hit by a nuclear blast wave

Russia, Putin, and the Nuclear Quandary

There's more to the question of whether Putin will use nuclear weapons. We must also consider where and what kind beucase it will affect our odds of survival.
5 and 6-gallon pails of rice and beans

Do You know How Much Food it Takes to Last a...

Do you have a year's worth of food stored for every member of your family? How much food is that? Is it even a realistic goal? We look at some lists.
Man in a purge mask. Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash.

How will you Survive During the Purge?

Some municipalities might have a shortage of police, fire, and EMS personnel due to their decisive and destructive vaccine mandates. Yet the politicians don't seem to care.
The U.S. scrambled F-22 Fighter jets in response to the balloon but held off on destroying it.

Prepare for War, Hate and Violence

A general just told the 50,000 troops under him to get some target practice, train harder, and get their legal affairs in order. That's good advice!
The White House

Can America Survive 32 more Months of This?

One third of the way into Joe Biden's term as president, and you have to wonder if the country can survive the economic pain he is bringing.
Inexpensive headlamp

How to Pick the Best Headlamp

Headlamps are useful now when working in the dark. After the SHTF, they are going to be critically important. Here's what to look for.