The Pickled Prepper
A Prepping Primer

A Prepping Primer: Five Basic Steps for New Preppers – Part...

Too many beginning preppers don’t know where to start or focus on the wrong items. Learn from my experience and avoid stupid prepping mistakes.
A hidden forest cabin

The Ugly Truth About Prepping

It's one thing to prep for a hurricane, an earthquake, or high inflation. Preparing for a potentially cataclysmic disaster takes it to another level.
Cooking arapas in Venezuela. Photo by Víctor Jesús Carrasco on Unsplash.

How Venezuela Turned Back to Capitalism when Socialism Failed

If you were paying attention over the last few years, you got to witness the collapse of Venezuela as it experienced the failed promises of socialism. Now capitalism may save it.
The White House

Can America Survive 32 more Months of This?

One third of the way into Joe Biden's term as president, and you have to wonder if the country can survive the economic pain he is bringing.
This is the jacket cover of the first edition of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

A Report on Life from John Galt’s Gulch

We can stop socialism in its tracks by not sharing our money, our ideas, and our labor with them. Make little or no money, and they can’t tax you. Don’t work for the man, and the system will collapse.
Yelling into a microphone

When Headlines Scream, Remain Calm

There are many loud voices in the prepper universe and the volume is increasing. Don't let the strident voices panic you. Use common sense.
A ranch

Four Groups that will Survive the Coming Collapse

After the end of the world as we know it, I expect the survivors will come from four groups. Are you in one of them?
Containers in a port

Road Trip Report: Gas Shortages and Lots of Trucks

We get a good look at the Southern states, mask compliance, gasoline shortages, the economy, and eat plenty of biscuits.
An oil pump at sunset. Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash.

Cutting Our Legs Out From Under Us – Part One

How our food supply, currency, and fossil fuel industry are under attack and what it means for our society.
Facebook crossed out

Social Media is Killing us Softly; How to Limited Your Risk

After three months, I dip my toe back into the social media stream and I remember why I left: social media is a big part of what is wrong with society.