The Pickled Prepper
Celebrating an achievement

It’s not Supposed to be Easy

Is an obstacle holding you back? Are you facing adversity? Toughen up, buttercup, and use these attributes to overcome that obstacle.
Bees on a frame

A New, Local Queen and Bees to Strengthen our Hive

When we went to pick up the bee hive components I had ordered, we found a source for local queens and bees to help our hive start off strong.
A police car responding to a crime

Criminals and a Lack of Consequences

Criminals are now sniping at cops from rooftops. Two Newark officers were shot Tuesday, one in the neck, the other in the leg. Both...
pol roti, a Sri Lankan flat bread

Yesterday was “Eat like a Prepper Day” at our House

It's important to test your preps so you know what to do when the SHTF. I recommend holding an "eat like a prepper day" a couple times a month.
A homeless man. Image by Avi Chomotovski from Pixabay.

Stagflation: What is it and How to Prepare for it

The word "stagflation" sounds bad, and it is. Its worse for the consumer then inflation, but better than hyperinflation.
People on a crowded city sidewalk at night

Do you have to be Independent to be a Prepper?

If you love the city, I think your odds of survival are lower than people who live outside the city, but I wish you luck.
Man with gas mask and gun in a wasteland

The Preppers Quandary: How Long Will TEOTWAWKI Last?

If we were to be hit with a SHTF situation, like a systemic collapse of society, how long would it take before a recovery, and how long would your preps need to last?
checkpoint to enter Israel

Unexpected Visitors After the SHTF

The further you can stop someone from your property during the SHTF, the less likely your house and your people are to be damaged.
An AR15 carbine. Photo by STNGR Industries on Unsplash.

This is a Great Time to Buy a Gun

This is a great time to buy a gun and stock up on ammo. Prices are low and ammo is plentiful. Who knows when that will happen again.
A city under attack.

Preppers: If you Want Peace, Prepare for War

"Si vis pacem, para bellum" implies you can prevent war by being prepared. Sadly, our country has missed that opportunity, but you don't have to.