The Pickled Prepper
The FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile.

Fighting the Last War; the Problem with Outdated Tactics

The war in Ukraine is taking place on a much greater scale than we would expect to see as preppers defending our retreat, but we can still learn from it.
Canned Meats

A Quick and Easy Way to Add Important Macronutrients to Your...

Many long term storage foods leaving you short of important macronutrients because they are carb-heavy and starch-based.
Man inspecting his carbine

Time to Clean, Check, and Lube Your Guns

With the current state of the world, I think checking your guns and accessories is at least as important as changing the batteries in your smoke detector.
Containers in a pile waiting to be shipped.

New Supply Chain Issues Could Hasten Collapse

The supply chain crisis is going to get worse, much worse. as COVID-19 lockdowns in China come on top of the Ukraine disruption.
protests and anarchy

Is the Sh*t Hitting the Fan Yet?

Sometimes when the news is bad and it seems like every elected official is violating their oath to uphold the Constitution, you have to wonder how close the poop is to the impeller.
An empty rice display at Sam's CLub

Are Preppers Buying up all the Rice at Sam’s Club?

There is an apaprent shortage of some prepper staple products at Sam's Club. Only one kind of rice and one kind of pasta were in stock.
Two fish on a plate. Image by DanaTentis from Pixabay.

A Simple Economic Model Illustrating Inflation

To really understand the impact of inflation on the economy, let's boil it down to the basics and take a close look.
Wheat Kernels

Squeezing a Few More Items into my Prepper Pantry

Worried about the threat of nuclear war, food shortages, inflation and an expanding war, I find it hard not to add to my food preps.
Plenty of meat at Costco

Rising Prices Show Inflation is Already Here and How to Protect...

Meat prices were up significantly in 2020, possibly an early indicator that inflation lies ahead. Take steps now to prepare yourself and your wallet.

Imagine a World Without New Semiconductors and Microchips

A slowdown in the production of new cars due to a lack of microchips may be just a taste of what the future holds. Chips are a huge potential weakpoint in the global supply chain.