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Canned Meats

A Quick and Easy Way to Add Important Macronutrients to Your...

Many long term storage foods leaving you short of important macronutrients because they are carb-heavy and starch-based.
Containers in a pile waiting to be shipped.

New Supply Chain Issues Could Hasten Collapse

The supply chain crisis is going to get worse, much worse. as COVID-19 lockdowns in China come on top of the Ukraine disruption.
The FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile.

Fighting the Last War; the Problem with Outdated Tactics

The war in Ukraine is taking place on a much greater scale than we would expect to see as preppers defending our retreat, but we can still learn from it.
Man inspecting his carbine

Time to Clean, Check, and Lube Your Guns

With the current state of the world, I think checking your guns and accessories is at least as important as changing the batteries in your smoke detector.
Lysol Wipes

Day 13: What to Take to Quarantine

My youngest called today to tell me that she is going to quarantine with her boyfriend for the duration of their city’s COVID-19 lockdown. ...
Protests and Riots

Will the Coronavirus Crisis Lead to Civil Unrest?

How to prepare for protests, riots and looting that the coronavirus or subsequent economic collapse could cause.
Freezer Contents

Quarantine Day 25: Would we Change our Preps?

I’ve got stacks of paperback books, a few hardbacks, a Kindle, streaming services and DirecTv, a computer, an Xbox, and a list of chores, but the best part of the day tends to be the phone calls. I spent about two hours on the phone today, all personal calls.
Pete's Bugout Bg

The Dirty Little Secret about Bugout Bags

Bugout bags are a great place to start your prepping, but they are just one step towards preparedness.
a couple cooking dinner

Food Worries Grow as the Shutdown is Extended

I’ve been worried about food supplies well before the coronavirus disrupted things at the grocery store. Food storage should be the foundation of your preps.
Sam's Club is out of paper prroducts

Quarantine Day 34: We Make a Sam’s Club Run

I broke quarantine to go to Sam’s Club this morning and spend $350 of our stimulus check on food. Some things were better than expected, some worse, and a few surprised me. A full report follows.