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10 Spam Recipes for Preppers

Price of Spam Could Increase as Hormel Workers Strike

Workers at the largest Hormel plant are set to strike if the company doesn't cut them in on some of the profits the company made in the past 12 months
Stimulus will put money in our pockets.

Can the U.S. Economy Withstand Four Concurrent Shocks?

Economists expect the fourth quarter to be a bumpy one because of these four shocks to the system.
gas pump

Inflation Pops Upward, Driven by Gasoline

the August CPI jumped 0.6 percent, the highest since June 2022.
Hurricane Idalia's projected path as of 7 a/,/ 8/28/23.

Hurricane Idalia Heads to Florida

Hurricane season is definitely picking as Hurricane Idalia heads to the West Coast of Florida, looking to come ashore Wednesday with winds as high as 115 mph.
The eye of Hurricane Hillary.

Hillary to Smack California

Forecasts call for Hurricane Hillary to come aground in the Baja peninsula and continue North through San Diego, bringing flash flooding with it.
A row of shotguns in a store

Media Portrays Gun Ownership as Dangerous

Owning lots of guns doesn’t make you more likely to kill any more than owning multiple cars makes you more likely to speed.
money getting vacuumed up

Inflation Costs You $8,500 More

Inflation is costing the typical family $709 more per month than they spent two years ago. That's $8,500 per month.
survival cache

Three Die Trying to Survive in the Wilderness

The recent death of three who tried to make a go of it in the Colorado wilderness raises questions about plans to bug out and live in the wild.
Indian food featuring rice

Rice Sees Buying Frenzy as India Halts Exports

After India banned exports of rice to help control food inflation, there has been a "buying frenzy" in other countries as people seek to stock up.
Prepper News Update

Problems in Russia are Escalating

Lots of bad news from Russia for a Monday, and he mainstream media seems to be ignoring much of it.
A hurricane seen from space

Hurricane Threat Increases

The height of the hurricane season is still a month or more away, but prognosticators are increasing their predictions for a heavy season.
9mm ammunition

Time to Stack it Deep

As gun sales decline and ammo prices drop, its a great time to stock up.
Burning car

France Burns as Violent Riots and Looting Continue

In what has been described as France's "George Floyd moment," riots erupt across the country after police kill a 17-year-old of Algerian descent.
To some people, connectivity is everything.

Now we have to Worry About an “Internet Apocalypse”

Some people apparently fear the loss of the Internet more than the fear a global power outage. Increase sun activity could cause both.
Electric meter

Big Chance of Power Outages as Heat Rises

Two-thirds of Americans could suffer from blackouts this summer as extreme heat challenges the under-powered U.S. electrical grid.
prepper news update

Will Warrant for Wagner Head Plunge Russia into civil War

Martial law has been declared in Moscow and an arrest warrant has been issued for Yevgeny Prigozhin, the outspoken owner of the Wagner Group
Drought Monitor map

Lack of Rain in Corn Belt Threatens Crops

The drought monitor map released 6/22/23 shows that California is no longer facing drought conditions, but the Midwest is.
Electrical power lines

Texas Power Grid Threatened by High Temps

Extreme heat in Texas is expected to send electricity demand to record highs by the end of the week.
UPS truck on the highway

Looming UPS Strike Could Shut Down 6% of Commerce

A looming UPS strike could halt delivery of 24 million packages per day, disrupting the supply chain for consumers and businesses.
W.D. Cooper's Boston Tea Party engraving

Why Vigilantes are a Good Thing

Self-defense, self-determination, and resistance to tyranny have long been part of the American tradition.
Satellite dish

Senators are Taking Precautions – Should you be Worried?

Senators are being outfitted with satellite communications in case of a "disruptive event." The rest of us have to prepare for ourselves.
homeless man

“The Social Contract has Ruptured”

This article has nothing to do with prepping and everything to do with how fragile society and a city like San Francisco is.
An Israeli flag

War Brewing in Israel as Rockets Fly

Under a barrage of rockets, Israel strikes targets on Gaza Strip and kills Islamic Jihadist leaders yet it get little U.S. news coverage. Stay Informed.
The start marks the approximate location of Allen, Texas

Texas Mall Shooter Booted from Army for Mental Illness

Another mass shooting using an AR-15 type weapon by a mentally ill individual who holds extremist beliefs.