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Prepping for an Apocalyptic Future

Survival food sales are at record levels as are bunker sales as everyone prepares for the possibility of an apocalyptic future.
Tractors are one of many diesel-powered vehicles that are necessary to produce food on a large scale.

Farmers Win Big in Europe

Protests paid off for farmers across the European Union as the European Commission removed plans to cut agriculture pollution 30 percent.
Seoul, South Korea, lies just 24 miles South of the border with North Korea.

Korea Preparing for Nuclear War

As North Korea becomes more aggressive and antagonistic towards South Korea, the possibility of a nuclear attack cannot be ignored.
The deficit is climbing

America’s Debt Spiral is out of Control

The United State's debt is nearing a critical threshold, with a spiral of rising debt and payments on the debt becoming unsustainable.
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Is this the Key to Happiness?

I don't know if this is the key to happiness, but researchers have something that creates frustration, anger and unsocial behavior.
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Don’t Bury your Head in the Sand

If warned of war, do you prepare or bury your head in the sand and insist that could never happen? Apparently, it depends.
rocket launch

It’s Raining Missiles in the Middle East

More missiles are being fire in anger in more places than ever before leading some to say war in the Middle East is spreading.
There's a recession on the horizon and it looks ugly.

If it Quacks Like a Duck…

The number of economists prediction a recession in 2024 has dropped, but they still predict the slowing economy will feel like a recession.
A Tomahawk Missile fired by a U.S. submarine

U.S. Strikes Back a Houthis

The U.S. and UK struck back at the Houthis in Yemen, hitting 60 targets at 16 sites. The attack utilized cruise missiles and aircraft.
Our dog in the snow

Winter Weather Strikes, With More Expected on Friday

A winter storm swept up the East Coast, bringing everything from flooding to tornadoes to blizzard-like conditions. Another storm is expected Friday.
Prepper News Update

A Terrible Yet Effective Bombing Campaign

Will Israel's bombing of Gaza prevent future attacks, or is it just a show for political reasons?
A bowl of rice

Rice Prices Climb to 15-year High

Rice prices have climbed 50 percent since 2022, reaching highs last seen in 2008, when markets collapsed during the Great Recession.
Man with gas mask and gun in a wasteland

From Being on the Brink to Worse

According to this report, we were on the brink in 2023. 2024 could see the world pushed over the brink.
The entrance to an underground bunker.

Lifestyles of Rich and Famous Prepper

Is that a bunker or a five star hotel? When the preppers are billionaires, there may not be much difference in the amenities offered.
Coronavirus with spikes

Deadly China Virus Sparks New Fears – Should You Worry?

Is the news about new illnesses in China and other countries something you should worry about, or is it just scaremongering?
A cold, snowy city street.

Harsh Weather Coming to Eastern U.S.

Heavy rain will start in the South and turn to snow as it heads north over the next few days. Be prepared.
cyberattack warning

China Increases Cyberattacks on U.S.

The Chinese military is increasing its penetration of critical U.S. systems with the aim of disrupting our systems and decision-making ability during war.
A chest X-ray can be used to diagnose pneumonia.

Chinese Pneumonia is Getting Worse

The latest mysterious illness affecting the Chinese seems to be getting worse, with parents and children reportedly camping outside hospitals because beds are filled,...
money getting vacuumed up

Stagflation Lies Ahead

The combination of rising prices and fewer jobs is a bad one, resulting in stagflation. We are heading there, as the charts in this...
There's a recession on the horizon and it looks ugly.

This Indicator says Recession may be Looming

While GDP, the gross domestic product, may get all the headlines, the GDI, or gross domestic income, tells a more depressing story.
credit cards and wallet

Bad Bank Behavior – Why you need to Deal with More than one Bank

Banks are closing some accounts without warning, leaving consumers with no access to their money and a bad credit report.
Prepper News Update

“Abrupt Change is Coming,” and it’s not for the Better

"Abrupt change is coming, and that's very, very disconcerting." according to this article based on a speech given by Tucker Carlson.
World on fire

America Facing the Most Crises Since WWII

Axios reports that the White House is in danger of being overwhelmed by the multiple concurrent conflicts, made worse by fake news and fake videos.
Prepper News Update

Friday the 13th Warning – This is no Movie

Hamas has called for a "global Day of Jihad" on Friday the 13th. Make sure you are prepared and won't be victimized.