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A view of the Appalachian Mountains from Tennessee. Photo by Joshua williams on Unsplash

Shh… Don’t Tell Anyone

The Appalachians, and West Virginia specifically, are attracting an influx of folks dissatisfied with their current location.
Banshee pistol

ATF’s Pistol Brace Rule Vacated

We the people won a major legal victor today when the the United States District Court ruled its favor and vacated the pistol brace rule.
There ahve been a number of train derailments in Europe. Are Russian saboteurs to blame?

Is a Russia Spy Network Committing Sabotage Across Europe?

It looks like a network for Kremlin spies could be setting fires derailing trains, and committing other acts of sabotage across Europe.
A ground war in Europe will be brutal if it expands beyond Ukraine.

Is World War III Growing Closer in Europe?

Is Europe be carving a path toward war or simply preparing for the worst while hoping for the best? Because the worst could be pretty bad.
5 and 6-gallon pails of rice and beans

Protein Sources for Preppers

The average American gets more than 50 percent of their protein from meat and dairy. Are you prepared for those sources to dry up in a disaster?
High temperatures threaten both the power grid and the coastline.

Summer Heatwave Threatens Electric Grid, Coastal Cities

High temperatures threaten the power grid in Texas and the Midwest while warm ocean temperatures likely mean a strong 2024 hurricane season.
Inflation is soaring. Image based on an image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Inflation Hits 20 Percent Under Biden

Inflation, taxes, and recession fears are not only hurting everyday Americans, they are crushing small businesses, the economic engine of America.
Chad from the 3 of 7 Project talks about why you should have cash.

Video on Cash Versus Banks

Pete's written about the importance of using cash to enhance your privacy and anonymity. Here's a short video with a similar perspective.
A military vehicle patrols neighborhoods around Houston looking for flood victims who need to be rescued after Hurricane Harvey struck in 2017.

Evacuations Ordered as Houston Floods, Again

Strong storms with heavy rains are causing heavy flooding and have officials calling for evacuation in and around Houston.
The national Weather Services predicts a hooter-than-normal summer for much of the U.S.

The Heat is On for Much of the U.S.

The national Weather Services predicts a hooter-than-normal summer for much of the U.S.
the mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay .

Expert Warns Iran Could Quickly Produce 12 Nukes

A nuclear weapons inspector warns that Iran could quickly produce up to a dozen nuclear warheads in just a few months.
an artists rendering of buildings after being hit by a nuclear blast wave

What its Like at the Center of a Nuclear Strike

When a nuclear weapon hits, the resulting fireball and high winds bulldoze everything withing three miles and kill people for fifteen miles.
The Israeli Iron Dome system intercepting missiles. Photo by the IDF Spokesperson's Unit.

CIA Expects Iranian Attack in the Next 38 Hours

The CIA has reportedly warned that Iran plans to attack Israel with a "rain" of drones and missiles within the next 48 hours.
F16 fighter jet

Russia Threatens to Attack NATO Airbases

If the Ukrainian F16 fighter jets operate out of NATO airbases outside Ukraine, Putin says he will consider them "legitimate targets."
9mm ammunition

All About Investing in Tangible Goods

The ins and outs of investing in tangible goods, including why and how.
A concealed carry pistol in a holster

Home-Jackings are a Good Reason to Own a Gun

When criminals are at the door, a handgun is often available more quickly than a police officer. Are you prepared to defend yourself?
Power generation plant

Electric Utilities Can’t Keep up with Surging Demand

So many data centers are being built or are in the planning stages that we could see a surge in electrical demand beyond what the utilities can produce.
Gold coins and bars

Gold Hits New Record High

Gold hit a record high today, Bitcoin came close, and silver was up too. What's going on with these markets?
A bank vault

Some Regional Banks See Shaky Financial Future

Just as last year's bank failures fade from memory, problems at some other banks raise fears of a new round of bank failures.
prepper news update

Poverty is the Parent of Revolution, Crime and War

What happens when you have a weak economy, a weak president and strong enemies? It isn't good.
Underground tunnel

Prepping for an Apocalyptic Future

Survival food sales are at record levels as are bunker sales as everyone prepares for the possibility of an apocalyptic future.
Tractors are one of many diesel-powered vehicles that are necessary to produce food on a large scale.

Farmers Win Big in Europe

Protests paid off for farmers across the European Union as the European Commission removed plans to cut agriculture pollution 30 percent.
Seoul, South Korea, lies just 24 miles South of the border with North Korea.

Korea Preparing for Nuclear War

As North Korea becomes more aggressive and antagonistic towards South Korea, the possibility of a nuclear attack cannot be ignored.
The deficit is climbing

America’s Debt Spiral is out of Control

The United State's debt is nearing a critical threshold, with a spiral of rising debt and payments on the debt becoming unsustainable.