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Heavy snow

25 Atmospheric Rivers Cause up to $7 Billion in Damage in California

California got hit this winter with excessive snow and rain this winter. It may have cured the drought, but it caused its own share of problems.
nuclear explosion

Russia Says it will Nuke any Country that Arrests Putin

Russia just threatened to nuke any country that arrests Putin after the International Criminal Court issues a warrant for his arrest.
First Republic Bank logo

SVB Contagion Spreads to First Republic Bank

On Saturday, a line formed outside First Republic Bank in Southern California as depositors fearing its collapse lined up to withdraw their money.
Silicon Valley Bank logo

More on SVB’s Last 48 Hours

Silicon Valley Bank saw first hand what happens when bank depositors and the financial markets panic.
FDIC logo

Regulators Quickly Shut Down Silicon Valley Bank

The FDIC took over the 16th largest bank in the country after a run on deposits.
San Francisco Bridge

More Snow, Rain and Flooding Headed to California

Another powerful atmospheric river is heading Towards California, this time heading for the central and northern part of the state.
A ladder leading into a bunker

Survival Communities Blossom in Response to Unease

Would you pay $1,000 per person per year membership to have a remote ranch you could bug out to if the world collapsed?
Produce in a grocery store.

A Mile-long Line for Free Food

While we've been worrying about food shortages, the real problem for many has been a shortage of money to buy food.
Bird flu is driving up the cost of eggs again.

Bird Flu Here to Stay; High Egg Prices, too

Experts tell us bird flu has evolved and is spreading more rapidly to more species of wild birds which leads to more infections in domestic chickens.
Inflation is soaring. Image based on an image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Inflation Heads Upwards, Exceeding Prior Reports

The government, which has been under estimating inflation numbers prior and immediately following the election, posts revised data.
The U.S. scrambled F-22 Fighter jets in response to the balloon but held off on destroying it.

Chinese Balloon Could be Dry Run for EMP Attack

The high-altitude balloon from China that floated over Montana could be a dry run for a future EMP sneak attack.
Canned food

WARNING: Vienna Sausage and Potted Meat Recalled

Some common brands of potted meat and Vienna sausage, including the Kroger and Walmart brands, have been recalled.
Dried goods for your prepper pantry. Photo by Aaron Doucett on Unsplash.

Food “Expiration Dates” are not Expiration Dates

As we have said all along, "best by" dates on food packaging are recommendations and not a sign you should throw them out.
Rioters enjoy the flames of arson. Photo by Alex McCarthy on Unsplash.

Protest Demonstrates Leftist Idiocy

It’s amazing what leftists will riot about.  For example: A person drew a gun and shot a state police officer, severely injuring him.  Other officers...
Hospital overcrowding is being blamed on COVID cases

Hospital Delays, Overcrowding May Persist for Years

Hospital overcrowding and lengthy wait times are being blamed on the rise of COVID cases, but is that really the cause?
Bird flu is driving up the cost of eggs again.

Egg Shortage Spreads to Costco and Sam’s Club

Even club stores that often have several pallets of eggs in their coolers are being affected by the egg shortage.
Storm-driven waves hit a dock.

“Relentless Parade of Cyclones” Strikes California

A wave of bomb cyclones is combining with an atmospheric river to send torrential rains and winds off the Pacific and into California.
A dry lake bed

California Drought may be Ending with a Gurgle

A atmospheric river is pouring rain and snow into California for the next few days. While this may hep the drought, it will also cause flooding.
A Tesla Model 3

Electric Vehicles Not for Cold Climates

If you live somewhere cold, hold off on buying that Ford Lightning, Tesla, or other electric vehicle. If you already own one, expect your...
Niagara falls in the winter.

Blizzard Kills Dozens, Causes Looting in Buffalo

Buffalo got hit harder by the blizzard than any other American city, but people also caused problems.

The West Runs Out of Water as Colorado River Dwindles

The Colorado River, which provides water to tens of millions of people in the west, is running out of water. California and Arizona may be hit the worst.
cell phones are just one way the surveillance state tracks you.

Santa isn’t the Only one Making a List

Santa isn't the only one who knows if you've been good or bad. This article recaps the surveillance state and the "creepy new era...
An artist's rendering of what an apocalyptic war might look like.

NATO Chief Warns Of Full-Blown War With Russia

NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg said his greatest fear this winter is that the current war in Ukraine will spiral out of control.
9mm ammunition

Banks Start to Decline Customer Gun Purchases

Gun buyers using debit and credit cards are finding that some banks are prohibiting them from purchasing guns and related supplies.