Hospital Delays, Overcrowding May Persist for Years

Hospital overcrowding is being blamed on COVID cases
Hospital overcrowding is being blamed on COVID cases.

Public officials are concerned that the large number of COVID cases, Flu and RSV may be overwhelming hospitals, leading to a lower level of treatment for other serious illnesses and emergencies, including cancer and heart attacks. A continuing onslaught of COVID cases is taking the blame, but I wonder how much of the lack of available service is due to hospitals firing nurses and other health care workers who refused to get the COVID vaccine?

Don’t be surprised if waiting room waits are long and it takes months to schedule surgery. My daughter works for a major hospital system and her doctors have been forced to schedule fewer surgeries because of a lack of operating room staff. If you want to schedule surgery, some of her doctors don’t have surgical time available until June.

Published 1/12/2023. Read the full article.