Deadly China Virus Sparks New Fears – Should You Worry?

Coronavirus with spikes
A colorized image of a magnified coronavirus.

Perhaps you saw the headline on the Drudge Report and the story in the Daily Star detailing “Doctors worldwide are in meltdown after China confirmed that the mystery pneumonia taking over the country has stopped responding to ALL antibiotics.”

Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Except viruses don’t respond to antibiotics and never have. Antibiotics kill bacteria, not viruses. It is possible that someone whose health has been weakened by a virus can become infected with a bacterial illness which can be treated with antibiotics, but to fight viruses, you need antiviral medications or a vaccine to prevent it. And I think we all know how people feel about vaccines after all the negative news regarding the COVID vaccines.

So amongst all the blather about new viruses from China, a new variation of COVID in the U.S., and cases of RSV, just do your best to stay healthy and keep your immune system up. Get plenty of sleep, eat healthy, and try to avoid stress. If you think a vaccine will help keep you safe, then get one. If you don’t, then don’t get vaccinated. It’s your choice. Don’t allow someone else to take that choice form you.

For example, every year my wife gets a flu shot. She doesn’t get the flu. Neither do I, and I haven’t had a flu shot since 2002. Hmm.

Published 12/16/2023. Read full article.