Is History Repeating Itself?

Infected lungs show up white on CAT scans.
Infected lungs show up white on CAT scans.

Three years ago, a novel virus was responsible for some unexplained cases of a pneumonia-like illness in China. The world watched as the number of cases and deaths grew. The disease was obviously worse than China claimed, sickening and killing far more than they would admit. Western governments found China’s cooperation was limited and the information they did provide was incomplete. Whether born in a lab or a market, the disease soon to be known as COVID-19 was unleashed upon China and, through them, upon the world. Over the next year, it led to millions of deaths, the shutdown of counties and economies, and in a roundabout way, the very inflation from which we still suffer.

Today, the situation appears to be repeating itself, but to a far more serious degree. Instead of tens of thousands getting sick in China, it is hundreds of millions. Instead of an outbreak in one city, it is across the country. Yet China has stopped releasing information on the illness and limits the data it shares with the World Health Organization. Only by analyzing the disease found in travelers leaving Mainland China are other countries medical experts able to study the disease.

As a result, we don’t know how the disease has mutated and what variations are evolving in China. We hear things are quite dire and that deaths in China may be in the millions, but there is no proof. The mainstream media largely ignores this issue, but warnings of a massive wave of infections and concerns about “white lung” virus are slipping out via YouTube videos, social media, and news organizations such as the The Epoch Times.

Heads Up

I’m not recommending anyone panic, but I suggest you get your ducks in a row, just in case. Think back to mid-2020 and ask yourself what you wish you had done differently. Then go out and prep accordingly. Consider this warning your opportunity to get ahead of the wave.

In China, Hong Kong, and nearby countries, there has been a run on over-the-counter cold medications that treat the symptoms of COVID. This has led to a shortage that is spreading to the U.S. You might consider stocking up, just in case. For those with a short memory, here’s a list of things that were in short supply during the early days of the COVID-19 quarantine:

  • Toilet paper
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Face masks
  • Paper towels and other paper products
  • Home baking supplies like flour and yeast
  • Eggs (which are already in short supply)
  • Meat, especially chicken
  • Pasta
  • Snack foods
  • Sewing notions
  • Pet foods

The list goes on and on, but those are the ones that come to mind. Imagine that China restricts its exports and many small businesses close their doors and plan accordingly.

To Quarantine or Not to Quarantine

Because of the push back and the success of states that reopened early, like Florida, I think the federal government and most state governments will be less likely to impose lockdowns, issue shutdown orders, and send schools back online. (With exceptions like New York and California, of course.) I predict that many business will cave to pressure from their employees and quickly re-implement work-from-home policies if the virus rapidly spreads in the U.S. It will be interesting to see if this affects live entertainment venues and restaurants, many of which suffered tremendous financial loss the first time around.

As I have said throughout the duration of this disease, do what works for you. I don’t care if you want to lock yourself in a room surrounded by HEPA filters and wear double masks. Likewise, I’m OK if you prefer to attend crowded events and never wear a mask. It’s your call. Same if you want the vaccine. It’s your choice, and I don’t think it should be mandated.

That said, if some new Chinese variant reaches the U.S. and cases soar with hospitals filling up and people under 70 dying in droves, I will be self-quarantining once again. We’ll stay home as much as possible and go back to curbside pickup. My wife and I are one of the few people we know who never got COVID. I have no desire to start now.

I’m enough of an introvert that I’m looking forward to another break from society. I just need to get some new books to read and make one final Sam’s Club run. Then I’ll be set for some peace and quiet.

If we could quarantine in our old house, doing so in the middle of nowhere will be easier than ever.

Is History Repeating Itself?