40 Million Americans are Ready to Take up Arms

An AR15 carbine. Photo by STNGR Industries on Unsplash.
Many Americans are armed with AR15s like this carbine. Photo by STNGR Industries on Unsplash.

According to a survey taken earlier this summer, 47 percent of republicans believe a time will come when patriotic Americans will have to take the law into their own hands to preserve our traditional way of life.

Some 25 percent of Americans identify as Republicans, so you are talking about 12 percent of the country, or close to 40 million people. And that doesn’t count the independents that lean Republican.

If I was a liberal Democrat or a socialist, that statistic would scare the living daylights out of me. That’s why they are so intent on taking our guns.

As long as 12 percent of the country is armed and willing to fight, there is no way that a tyrannical government can succeed.

Every socialist and communist state practiced gun control, refusing to let the population own private arms, and most of these regimes ended up killing millions of people. Thanks to guns in the hands of Americans who are prepared to use them to protect our civil liberties and the Constitution, you will not be hauled off to a re-education camp for reading this blog.

Forget About the Police and Military

Joe Biden may have F15s and nuclear weapons, but they are not going to be much use in a revolution. What state is Joe going to nuke first, and how will that sit with the voters? He has less than 2.5 million military personnel, counting reserves and National Guard, and I doubt many of them are willing to be called up to fight their fellow Americans. A bigger question is how many veterans have armed themselves and use their skills and training to will stand up for the Constitution.

There are less than 700,000 full-time law enforcement officers, the majority in large urban areas. Most of them don’t even like enforcing warrants, which is why they have specialized warrant squads. I doubt many are going to be going door to door confiscating weapons. They know most of the hard-core gun people are better armed than the average patrol officer and plan to surrender their weapons bullets first.

Gun Confiscation—Fat Chance

I laugh at the idea of gun confiscation. This is a country that can’t keep people from crossing its Southern border, that has lost the drug war, and where the cities with the tightest gun restrictions (like Chicago, New York, and Baltimore) have the highest rate of gun crimes. Do you think they can round up more than 400 million guns? I don’t. There will always be guns in the United States, and in the first half of this year, another 22 million were sold.

We’ve already seen mass retirements and resignations in law enforcement because of last year’s defund the police movement. An unconstitutional order that results in a high likelihood of the officer’s death will cause police force size to drop even further.

I can’t think of anything that would kick off a second Civil War or result in a revolution that overthrows the government more quickly than firearm confiscation on a national scale. At least 12 percent of Americans appear to be on the same page.