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Prepper Diary November 1: Bugging Out and on Being Charitable

Our old house is for sale so we're bugging out to the mountains. Moving has encouraged us to downsize and minimize.
A work bench with tools

Prepper Diary October 6: It’s Been a Week of Chores

Never a dull day at Pete's Place as we've got chores to do and repairs to make as we get ready to move to our prepper property.
An autumn scene in the mountains

September 22 Prepper Diary: Back to our New Property

The move continues as we get closer to our goal of living at our prepper property one step at at time.
Trash bags

September 15 Prepper Diary: More Moving Prep

Meeting with Realtors, cleaning, painting, repairing, etc. We're getting our old home ready to list as we move to our prepper property.
A house in the mountains. Photo by Rohan Gangopadhyay on Unsplash

September 7 Prepper Diary: We Celebrate Labor Day with Chores and...

We take an extra long weekend getaway to do chores at our prepper property, but we take time for some fun as well.
Samples of carpet color

August 27 Diary – Our Move Grows A Step Closer

We are getting closer to moving to our perfect prepper home by upgrading it and making cosmetic improvements to our existing home prior to selling it.
A mountain view

August 26: Our Prepper Property Upgrades

We make a work trip to our Prepper Property to improve the kitchen, install new lighting, build shelving and move some more gear.
The canned soup aisle at Walmart.

August 14 Diary: The Shelves are Full Again

The canned soup aisle at our Walmart has been restocked. Other products are also back in stock, including toilet paper.

August 8 Diary and Update: Firewood Follies

This weekend, we focused on how to obtain firewood at our new prepper property. We need the wood to heat the house and keep our electric bill low.
A view of the Appalachian Mountains from Tennessee. Photo by Joshua williams on Unsplash

August 3: Our First Step Towards Moving

We kicked off our move by renting a U-Haul and loading it with food and ammo. Dragging it up, over and around the mountains was a chore.