Liars, Damn Liars, and Politicians

politician who's nose is growing
A politician who's nose is growing

I don’t know if all politicians lie, or if all people in positions of power lie, but it sure seems that like all governments lie.

When you look at someone like Biden’s spokesperson, I have to wonder how she can stand in front of a room of people, look at the cameras, and lie without feeling embarrassed. Here’s just one example: When asked about security at the Southern Border after the kidnapping of four Americans, Karine Jean-Pierre said, “Because of the work that this president has done, because of what we’ve done specifically on fentanyl at the border, it’s at historic lows.”

Does she believe that? Because no one else does. The evidence is clear in our morgues and hospitals that fentanyl overdoses are worse than ever before and more drugs are reaching the U.S. Data also shows that more illegals are crossing the border under Biden than did before he was in office.

But they just lie about it and count on you being too distracted to notice.

Spokespeople are trained to spin the story, to find something positive, or to answer a different question than was asked. She tried to do this but failed. Maybe this spokesperson is just so bad at spinning she resorts to lying. To spin a story, you have to be clever and fast on your feet. Judging by the number of times she looks at her briefing book and reads the answer, I can only conclude that Jean-Pierre is neither smart enough nor nimble enough to be an effective spokesperson.

If in Doubt, Make Something Up

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that his spokesperson lies because lying is such a big part of the Biden way. President Biden has a long history of exaggerating, lying, and making stuff up. It’s been going on for forty or fifty years. Yet, somehow, he still became president.

Lying to get elected works so well that George Santos tried it. He gave himself a new religion, resume, and educational background before running for a seat in Congress. It worked, and he got elected, so we can no doubt expect more liars with fake backgrounds in the next election.

How they Get Away with Lying

I believe politicians are lying because they can get away with it. In the past, a newspaper reporter would do some digging, determine the politician was lying and publish a story pointing that out. The public would be upset. Think, for example, how much trouble Nixon got in. Even Clinton couldn’t get away with some of his lies.

Today, the media not only fails to investigate the lie, they jump on the bandwagon and promote the lie. Think of the Trump dossier, Russian collusion, Hunter Biden’s laptop, 10 percent to the “Big Guy,” fifteen days to slow the spread, COVID coming from a live animal market and not a lab, and the supposed ineffectiveness or Ivermectin and other COVID treatments. All lies that the mainstream media publicized and social media emphasized.

In each case, people who said otherwise were branded as conspiracy theorists. Doctors and researchers lost their jobs for saying what we now know to be true. More than likely, the lies changed how people voted. The very companies that were supposedly acting to prevent “Russian disinformation” from affecting the election ended up affecting the election by censoring the news and punishing people who told the truth.

Communists and Socialists

I can’t help but think Communist and socialist governments lie more than those based on the free and open exchange of both capital and information. As our country drifts more towards socialism and government control, both the need to lie and the ability to hide a lie grow. Tyranny lies at the end of a trail of lies, and we are heading there.

Let’s look at the Chinese Communist Party. They lie about everything. It’s become second nature.

Minor officials of the CCP lie to avoid embarrassment or punishment. Bureaus published numbers that are made up to avoid looking bad. More prominent officials lie as to avoid losing face. Even Xi blusters and threatens because he knows China is powerless to change the world or fight the U.S. (If they thought they could successfully invade Taiwan, they would have done so already.) He can’t fight us yet, but it costs him nothing to make threats.

Why, for example, are they upset about the U.S. shooting down a “corporate weather balloon.” Maybe it was more than a weather balloon and they are raising a ruckus to hide the bigger story.

Then there are the Russians. The military and intelligence agencies lied to Putin rather than risk giving him bad news. As a result, Russia invaded Ukraine and did not roll to an easy victory Putin had been led to expect. Instead, Putin and the world learned how weak their military was, with rusted tanks and failing truck tires. Why did their military fall into disrepair? Because the culture of lying and corruption penetrated well down the ranks and officers redirected and misused funds that were supposed to be used in maintenance and equipment.

To avoid looking weak, the Russian leadership is now using propaganda to lie to their people. They are positioning this as a patriotic war against the West, except they still won’t call it a war and they don’t admit they started it.

Question Everything

My advice is to question everything. Don’t believe a word anyone in a position of power says until you look into it and research it yourself. Look at both sides of the story. Don’t let them lead you blindly down a path; learn to think for yourself. Don’t believe the media, either. In fact, the harder they defend something, the more you should question it.

Always ask yourself “Cui bono,” which means “who benefits?” Ask yourself, who benefits from a new vaccine and a campaign to encourage every American to take it? Was it you, or was it Pfizer and their investors? Who benefits when a pipeline under the sea blows up? It sure wasn’t Germany. Who benefits from election fraud? It wasn’t the republican candidates. Who benefits when the spouse of a congressional representative buys or sells stocks the day before a critical vote? Not you and I.

In many cases, politicians lie and cheat so they can get re-elected, retain power, and grow wealthy. They want to drink from that public trough, get paid by your tax dollars, and make as much money as possible by wielding their influence. In the movies, envelopes and even briefcases of cash get passed around. I expect payoffs today are in cryptocurrency sent to secret addresses, wire transfers to overseas accounts, and jobs for children and other relatives. There may also be promised rich speaking opportunities or cushy high-paying jobs after leaving office.

The Ukraine War

When it comes to Russia and the Ukraine, I don’t believe anything they are saying, and I consider our statements only slightly more believable. I don’t believe what partisan newspapers in the UK and elsewhere are reporting. They may show glimmers of reality, but it isn’t the whole picture.

How much of this war is because of Biden’s financial connection to Ukraine? Are those tax dollars we send their being redirected to fund Democratic campaigns? How much of the war did we instigate by forcing Russia into a corner? How much of what is happening is intended to push us closer to the World Economic Forum’s plans for the future in which we don’t own anything and are happy? There’s no way to know.

I think the truth behind the war will be difficult to ever determine because of the layers of propaganda, misdirection, and lies. We have three governments telling three stories, and history, as they say, is written by the winners. We may have to wait until tell-all books are published in 20 years to get a clearer view of what happened, but don’t expect the authors to be completely honest.

Think for Yourself

So who do you trust when you can’t trust your government? Trust your friends and family. Trust people you have witnessed be true to their word and do good works. Be suspicious of those in positions of power, not just in Washington, but from the police officer on the beat to the mayor or the county commissioner. They may be there because they want to serve the public and help others, but they also may have become corrupt. In my opinion, the less you have to do with government officials, the better. I don’t care whether it is the tax assessor or the dog catcher; if it is an elected position, the opportunity for corruption and cronyism exist. Maybe they haven’t taken advantage, but maybe they have.

Make your own decisions and stand on your own. Think for yourself. Focus on the areas in which you can make a difference and let the elected officials worry about the bigger world. Invest your time and energy on your family. Focus on your friends and your church. Volunteer when you feel called to do so. Help those whom you can when they deserve it. Stay up to date on the news, but use it as an early warning system. Don’t worry about things you can’t change. Be aware of threats from outside, but focus on strengthening your immediate circle. That’s where you can make a difference, and those are the people who are going to be important during a survival situation.

What happens to the liars in Washington, Moscow, Beijing, the UN in New York, and the EU in Belgium when the SHTF? Let them fend for themselves. It will be interesting to see if their lies can stop missiles.