Sleeping Through the Apocalypse

Taking a nap on the couch
Taking a nap on the couch

Lots going on throughout the world Friday, including the U.S. shooting down another “object,” that was smaller than the balloon they shot down off the coast of South Carolina. The government refused to identify this item as a balloon, simply calling it an “object.” Perhaps having learned its lesson, they didn’t wait this time, taking it down over Alaska.

The Chinese may or may not have responded by having a satellite shoot green lasers over Hawaii. Meanwhile, the long-expected renewed Russian offensive in Ukraine seems to be building steam.

I slept through all the excitement because I’ve come down with some bug in the past 24 hours. As a result, I took two two-hour naps today. My symptoms are nasal congestion and a sore throat with a below-normal fever. Right now, I can feel the nighttime gel cap I took tugging me towards sleep, so this will be a short post and possibly a quiet weekend.

Someone wake me if the apocalypse strikes.