Prepper News Update: War Drums and Crime Waves

prepper news update
prepper news update

Russia Threatens to go Nuclear Over Ukraine

We’ve discussed the possibility that Russia might invade Ukraine. I think it would be a mistake and it would be better for all parties involved if they each backed off on the rhetoric a bit. Instead, Russia threatens to turn their enemies into nuclear ash.

Here’s an interesting take by Pat Buchanan on Putin’s demands.

Tensions and Troop Levels Rise between China and India

Tensions have been building along their disputed border. As more weapons, men, and material pour into the region, it looks like both sides are preparing for conflict.

California is Dragging us Down

A well-written and well-reasoned article on crime in California and what the root cause is. This article also supports my occasional point that the U.S. is decaying to where it will soon resemble a third world country. Here’s a quote:

“Once upon a time, we would have been shocked by this level of crime. Today, citizens fatalistically adapt their behaviours. I know countless women who no longer walk alone after dark in California’s cities. Everyone knows to hide anything they leave in their cars. Those who can afford it are installing gates and building tall fences around their homes. The wealthy are hiring personal security and no longer relying on police for protection. I’ve seen this all before — in Nairobi as well as other places in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and India.”

Not exactly the countries we want to emulate.