Prepper News Update, October 15

Butterballs Warns of Possible Turkey Shortage for Thanksgiving

The problem is not a lack of turkeys, but a lack of people to process and ship them. One farmer who raises 60,000 turkeys per year needs 100 temporary workers to process them, but he has only seven.

Wholesale Prices Increasing Faster than CPI

Earlier in the week, we reported the CPI was up 5.4 percent. Today, we see that wholesale inflation in September was up 8.6 percent compared to last September. That means consumers will see even more inflation as manufacturers and distributors raise prices to cover their expenses.

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Prepper News Update October 8

Manufacturers Blame Government for Supply Chain Problems

Tariffs, lockdowns, and other government policies contributed to and continue to exacerbate the supply chain issues, according to this article in Reason.

“The idea that an economy could be indiscriminately shut down and turned back on without far-reaching consequences, as if a light switch or lawn mower, is utterly damnable,” charges economist Peter C. Earle. “It could only come from the mind of an individual, or body of individuals, with no understanding of or consideration for the extraordinary interdependence of the productive sector.”

U.S. May Experience Winter Blackouts Due to Fuel Shortages

As we warned earlier, it’s not just the European markets that may have energy shortages and blackouts. U.S. energy producers are worried about fuel shortages and rising costs, all because of the side effects of a headlong rush to embrace green energy. Coal miners are in short supply and some mines are offering starting salaries of $100,000 to attract candidates.

When your house is cold and dark this winter, remember to thank Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, the squad, and the other liberals who attacked fossil fuels but failed to have a replacement that was ready for prime time.

Prepper News Update October 1

Costco Joins List of Companies Renting Container Ships

Costco has charted three container ships and leased thousands of containers to bring products into the U.S. This should help them better manage rising shipping costs and keep prices low.

It’s Not Just California: Other Ports Also Backed Up

The supply chain SNAFU extends beyond California. New York is backed up and the Port of Savannah has a backlog of 20 to 26 ships.

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Prepper News Update for September 14

Food prices, energy prices, even producer prices are increasing. We’re in for some ugly economic times ahead.

Food Prices Rise Again

According to this article on CNBC, food prices continue to rise and the Biden Administration is unsuccessfully trying to stop them by using antitrust laws. The price increase, however, are not caused only by monopolies, but by supply chain disruptions and transportation costs. Plus, any student of history knows that laws controlling prices exacerbate shortages rather than relieve them.

Producer Inflation Rises a Record 8.3 Percent

The prices producers pay for goods and services jumped 8.3 percent between August 2020 and 2121, the most since creation of this data point. Producers either have to absorb the costs, which means lower profits, or pass them on to the consumer in higher prices. Most pick a point in the middle until economic pressures force them to raise consumer prices. Higher producer inflation is a sign that the inflation you and I see in the stores is not going away.

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Prepper News Update September 4: September is the New December

Shop Now for Christmas – September is the New December

“A lot of families are not going to be able to get the toys they want” this year, according to the CEO of a toy manufacturer. As we reported yesterday in our post about looming shortages, shop now if you want to get something specific for Christmas. Otherwise, Santa may strike out. This article gives some interesting bits of news: Amazon and Home Depot are chartering their own cargo ships to bring in goods, and publishers are being affected by paper shortages, delaying some book release dates.

It’s Happening Again: Americans are Stocking Up on Toilet Paper

Thanks to Delta, retailers are once again struggling to stock enough toilet paper and paper towels, even as manufacturers ramp up, according to this article from the Wall Street Journal. Clorox says it expects to be able to keep up with demand for its popular wipes and sprays only after significantly increasing capacity.

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Prepping News Update: Today’s Topic is Shortages

Parts Shortages Caused Product Backlogs

This article addresses how supply chain disruptions are affecting downstream manufacturing:

“Shortages of mechanical parts, commodity materials and electronic components containing semiconductor chips have been disrupting manufacturing across multiple industries for months.

“Companies determined to keep factories open are trying to work around shortages by producing what they can, at the same time rising customer demand has cleaned out store shelves, dealer showrooms and distribution centers. As a result, manufacturers are amassing big inventories of unsold or incomplete products such as truck wheels and farm tractors. Companies that are used to filling orders quickly now have bulging backlogs of orders.”

If they stop manufacturing goods, they have no hope of ever catching back up, so many companies are letting partially manufactured equipment pile up in the hopes of adding chips and other missing parts when they are finally available.

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Prepper News Update for June 29

We’ve been including occasional prepper news updates in our articles for some time with links to articles on topics of interest. Effective today, we are breaking these out as separate posts rather than including them in our daily post.

If you come across an article you think would be of interest, use the contact us page to forward it to us. Include the headline and a URL. A brief summary is also welcome.

Venezuelans Make U.S. Border Crossing to Escape Socialism

More Venezuelans have been intercepted at the border in 2021 than in the past 14 years combined. Why are they fleeing? Because the socialist state has turned comfortable middle class doctors, engineers and school teachers into desperate, miserable hungry refugees. One recent Venezuelan refugee said it is better to wash toilets here than to be an engineer there, where she earned just $50 a month.

COVID-19 Global Cases and Deaths Likely Much Higher

Yesterday, we linked to an article the reported that the U.S. may have under-reported early COVID-19 cases by 17 million. Today, we learn that India may have under-reported COVID-19 deaths by as many as 1 million. In our coronavirus coverage, we’ve tried to always use the term “reported” when we convey cases and deaths. Now research is showing that reports in India, Africa and Latin America may be only a fraction of the true numbers. While Johns Hopkins reports 181 million cases 3.9 million deaths, the number could be closer to 500 million cases and 10 million deaths.