Random Thoughts on the World Today

Globe on fire
Global hotspots threaten to burst into flame

ZeroHedge reports that Florida Jews are buying guns because they don’t feel safe. What took them so long? And what about Jews elsewhere? Why aren’t they stocking up? Apparently they are. Gun sales to Jews are rising around the country.

Here’s a word of advice: Don’t wait until after someone attacks you to buy a gun and become proficient with it. You can’t become your own first responder without practice and training, so Jewish or not, get started before it’s too late.

Bank Problems

Did you hear that some ACH transactions failed and may still be failing, resulting in people not getting their paychecks or leaving their bills unpaid? The banks are blaming human error, but what if it is because of a cyberattack? Maybe a trial run. This is another example of the potential problems of relying on technology.

I am amused that the banks say, “Your funds are secure.” Why don’t they just add on the part we are all thinking, “You just can’t access them.”

At one of my first jobs, they handed out paper checks every other Friday. Then a little fellow in a leather jacket showed up with a cash box and a bodyguard who looked like a heavyweight fighter who had gone one round too many. You signed your check over to the little guy and he handed you cash, minus a small convenience fee. We not only didn’t need a bank, we didn’t need to find a check cashing store. There’s something to be said for having no electronics involved.

I’m in favor of having a bank account at two different banks for redundancy. I’m also in favor of having a stash of cash and being prepared to be one of the “unbanked” for weeks or months. Whether it is caused by a SHTF event, a suspicious transaction that leads your bank to closing your account, human error, or a cyberattack, you should be prepared to live without your bank for a while.

Risky Power Grid

The Washington Post predicts we could see more power grid failures this winter, citing a “sharp risk of buckling in the event of major storms or prolonged cold snaps this coming winter.”

We had a power outage the other day while a contractor was working at the house. I had to wheel out the generator and let him plug in. (When a guy shows up at our place in the middle of nowhere to do some much-needed work, you don’t send him home just because the power goes out.) The power came back on two hours later, making it one of our shorter black outs. The power company blamed falling trees or branches. Did I mention it was warm and sunny and there was no wind?

Every time the power goes out, my wife and I reopen our discussion about getting a wired-in automatic-start generator. I am not in favor of these for prepping purposes, but I can’t argue with her that they are convenient and the outages are getting more frequent. It just sucks to pay for a service that fails so often you have to pay a second time. I can’t help but think we would have far fewer outages if the utility had to give you back 25 percent of your bill every day the power went out for more than five minutes.

Sigh. Maybe we should consider back up batteries and solar power instead or a generator.

The Bidens

Joe is looking more confused every day, and the evidence that he took money appears to be growing, too. It’s hard for Hunter to look guiltier than he does, but if past performance is any indication of future performance, he will find a way. Yet somehow Trump is the one on trial.

Sadly, I have stopped believing elections are all we need to change this country’s path. Like any addict, I think society needs to hit rock bottom before we can turn ourselves around. I’d like to think Joe represents rock bottom, but I expect he will drag us down even further.

I think we are screwed no matters who gets elected president in 2024. If Biden wins, we’ll just have more wars, higher taxes, higher deficits, and more inflation. If Trump wins, there will be mass protests, and this time, the protesters won’t be wearing vagina hats. There are enough people that hate Trump that his re-election could lead to civil war.

Well, I guess that’s one way to hit bottom.

Besides term limits, we may need a rule where if you lose an election, you can’t run for anything again for 10 years.

Green Energy Bust

The Wall Street Journal reported countries are increasing their production of fossil fuels, even countries that have promised to cut greenhouse emissions. Why? Because they are beginning to realize cutting greenhouse gasses achieves nothing when China and other countries increase how much coal they burn. It also hands those countries and economic advantage.

While American consumers appear to have figured this out and stopped buying electric vehicles, our government is behind the curve. They are cramming green energy down our throats even as more and more Americans are turning away from electric cars because of the cost and range issues. I spoke to someone who bought Subaru’s electric model. He said it would not go more than 200 miles per charge if you used the heat or AC, and up here, you need the heater.

It will be interesting to see what happens when car manufacturers cannot meet the EPA’s aggressive requirements for gas mileage because they aren’t selling enough electric vehicles.

Gun Rights

Another court has ruled against the legality of the ATF’s pistol brace regulation and enjoined the ATF from enforcing it on a nationwide basis. No idea how long it will be before this ruling is stayed so the government can appeal it, but it is still good news. The ATF and the Biden Administration continue to get spanked by the courts when they try to reinterpret existing law. This leads to our Video of the Day: