Prepper News Update, October 21

prepper news update
prepper news update

Afghanistan Sinks Further Into Misery without U.S.

Whether you blame Joe Biden for pulling out or the Taliban for its cruel practices and inability to rule effectively doesn’t really matter. What is inarguable is that in the absence of the U.S. and the primacy of the Taliban, Afghanistan and its people are sinking back into misery, poverty, and degradation. A humanitarian crisis is brewing in Afghanistan and it doesn’t look like anyone is going to do anything about it.

According to the United Nations Whole Food Program, 95 percent of Afghanis are not getting enough to eat. The disruption caused by the Taliban could see most of the population sink below the poverty line next year. Many families are already resorting to selling their children to pay off debts or to put food on the table for other family members. Hospitals lack drugs and some have not paid many nurses and doctors for months.

DefenseOne reports that this could lead to social unrest and former soldiers, now unemployed, could be “prime candidates for an uprising” against the Taliban. Overthrowing the Taliban could be wishful thinking, but it is clear that Afghanistan has slipped further down the death spiral of a failed country, unable to govern itself, unable to provide basic utilities, and unable to feed its population.

P&G to Raise Prices Again

Proactor & Gamble is raising prices again on household staples and products like Gillette razors.

Global Energy Shortage Hits More Countries and Industries

This AP article gives a comprehensive rundown of countries, industries, and business affected by the energy shortage, including its impact on our food supply. For some who live in poverty, it may come down to a choice between food and electricity.

Peter Schiff Tells us to “Stock Up Now!”

IN an interview with Fox News’s Dan Bongino, well-known Gold Bug Peter Schiff warmed people to stock up due to inflation:

“Buy the things that you think you may need a year from now, two years from now. Buy it now. Especially the stuff that is nonperishable. Because in the future, stuff is going to be in even shorter supply than it is now, but prices are going to be much higher. So, why wait for the prices to go up? Just buy the stuff that you need now while it’s available and a lot less expensive than it’s going to be pretty soon.”

See the entire interview here: