Cutting Our Legs Out From Under Us – Part One

An oil pump at sunset. Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash.
An oil pump at sunset. Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash.

Doesn’t the following sound like it would be a great novel?

After deciding that the world would be a better place with fewer people in it, a cabal of powerful globalists sets about destroying the planet’s food supply, attacking its energy infrastructure, and degrading its currency, thereby cutting civilization’s legs out from under us.  When a few people see through the propaganda and doublespeak and realize what’s happening, the cabal targets them for cancelation or uses false claims to undermine and destroy the reputation of anyone who speaks out against them.  Can John and Jane Doe survive long enough to convince others to fight back against this tyrannical faction that wants to destroy most of the population and subjugate the rest? Or will any of their children lucky enough to survive the hard times grow up to be serfs working for one of the elite families?

I’d read that dystopian novel.  Only, it isn’t a novel, and it isn’t fiction.  It’s happening right now, and you and I are John and Jane Doe.  We see what’s happening. We are experiencing the deterioration of our currency.  Hopefully, we are all preparing for the energy crisis and the food shortages the Cabal is orchestrating.  Most importantly, we aren’t falling for their virus fear mongering, and their circuses aren’t keeping us amused. Meanwhile, they are deplatforming our leaders and subjugating our institutions.

Killing us Slowly

I’ve written before that I think the government is kneecapping the economy on purpose. Yesterday, I saw a headline that more than 50 percent of the population made less than $34,612 last year. As the author explains, more than half the country now falls into the category of “working poor” instead of middle class.  This statistic is made possible by the COVID-19 shutdowns, but it’s what the “you will own nothing and like it” class would call “a good start.”

Socialists don’t want you to have enough money to determine your own future.  They want a population of poor people who count on government programs to put food on their table.  The socialists are betting that when push comes to shove, you will side with the people who feed you, subsidize your utilities, and put a roof over your head.

One hundred years ago, the father or husband was the provider. About fifty years ago, the provider became a married couple, because it suddenly took two salaries to keep a family in the middle class.  When both parents worked, they provided less supervision and education for their kids.  This gave government schools and programs full access to our children from Head Start until adulthood. That was the start of the long downhill slide.  Just like the communists had done in the Soviet Union, the socialists started by teaching kids only what they wanted them to know, erasing from history books and the minds of our next generation the lessons our Founding Fathers learned, why America was founded, and what we stood for.  When DC Comics announced that Superman does not fight for “The American Way” any longer, I knew that another nail had been driven into our collective coffin.

A Three-Prong Approach

Food, energy and money are the three legs of the tripod that supports most of human life on this planet.  Take away one leg, and we struggle. Take away two, and we fall down. Remove all three and we are helpless,

Yet that is what is happening.  Our supply chain is fraying, which leads to shortages and inflation (destruction of our money).  Traditional fossil fuels are under attack, which leads to a whole set of new problems. It also makes the first worse.  Finally, our food supply is showing danger signs which are being exacerbated by a shortage of equipment parts, workers, fertilizer and fuel.

Stay tuned for more on this is Part Two as we look at these in greater depth.